My name is Whitney and I am a Kindergarten teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now and summer break has given me the time to start.

You may be asking yourself what this blog has to offer. I will be honest and tell you that I am not sure. This is not a blog just for teachers. This is not a blog just for golden retriever lovers, lovers of the cosmos or both (more on the title later). This is not just a food blog, a blog of reviewing (books, movies, television, restaurants) or a blog for rants only. This is a blog for people interested in the truth, goodness and beauty this world has to offer (according to me!). We will see where this takes us.

The title of this blog is borrowed from a card one of my students gave me this year. When I told her father how much I loved her word choice he told me that it was what she came up with after he told her “I love you more than my mom and dad” would not fly! This sentiment embodies the feeling I get when I discover/uncover/realize/recognize something truly good or beautiful.

So welcome to my blog about everything that I love (or thought I’d love) as much as golden retrievers and stars!









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