Blue Apron Bites

It is no secret that I enjoy good food.  I like to make it, and I especially like to eat it.  My very wonderful fiance thought of the perfect thing to get me for my birthday in April and boy was I surprised and happy when i big box with navy blue lettering arrived at my door.

box     I  was so excited to see the Blue Apron box!  I had been desperately wanting to try Blue Apron since I heard about it.  What could be better than a box full of perfectly proportioned, fresh ingredients and colorful recipe cards coming right to your door?  I am one of those people that chronically buys too much for one recipe and then unused produce goes to waste.  Not anymore!  The meals Blue Apron sends are around $10.00 per person and you get three meals per box.  Receiving these has significantly cut down on our trips to restaurants because we are eating restaurant quality food at home.  The meals take 30 minutes to an hour to prepare and the recipe cards are very clear.  You can look at your menu and change the dishes you are getting if they are not to your liking or you can choose to skip a week.  We always look at the menu and if the recipes aren’t something special we skip a week.  We have never skipped more than two weeks in a row.

I have been getting Blue Apron boxes for about two months now and I am hooked.  The last box we received contained the recipes and ingredients for New England-Style Shrimp Rolls with Grilled Green & Yellow Wax Bean Salad, Crispy Fried Chicken with Kale-Cabbage Slaw & Biscuits and Black Bean & Red Quinoa Enchiladas with Salsa Verde.

I started by making the shrimp rolls.  When we get a box with seafood we always cook the seafood first.  I love shrimp and have had a lobster roll once before so I was very excited to try these, especially when I saw the fresh tarragon which is one of my favorite ingredients right now.

Below are the beautiful recipe cars with step by step instructions.

IMG_2907 card 1.2

Look at how fresh these ingredients are!!! I wasn’t sure about shrimp with mayonnaise, but the creaminess really paired well with the juicy shrimp.

ingredients IMG_2911

I did not grill the beans because I did not want to lose any to the fire.  So instead I put them on a sheet pan and broiled them.  They turned out crispy and delicious, especially when you top them with the homemade mustard-shallot vinaigrette.  It adds brightness and a little tang to balance the creaminess of the shrimp roll.


The final product was a perfectly balanced meal.  The roll was soft on the inside with a smooth, crisp outside.  The shrimp was seasoned with Old Bay seasoning and Tabasco sauce that came in a tiny, cute bottle (see picture above).  The celery adds a little bit of crunch.  This turned out to be one of my favorite Blue Apron recipes yet.

final product 1

Next up we tried the Crispy Fried Chicken!  We thought it would be a truly American meal for the 3rd of July.  We planned on eating burgers and hot dogs at the ballpark on the fourth.

I was eager to try my hand at frying chicken as this is not something I grew up doing.

card 2 card 2.2

The chicken was coated in buttermilk biscuit mix, dipped in Dijon mustard and then breaded in panko crumbs so there were quite a few ingredients for this recipe.

ingredients 2

Notice that there is another tiny Tabasco sauce!  This was used to make a delicious honey hot sauce.  It was good on the chicken and the biscuits, which turned out great.  I don’t do much chicken frying at home because once upon a time I worked in the deli of a grocery store and fried chicken for a living.  It was a greasy job, but somebody had to do it.  This was my first time frying chicken at home!  It went really well and the chicken was perfectly cooked, flavorful and moist.  The breading is darker on my chicken but I wanted to make sure it reached the correct internal temperature before I took it out of the pan.  The Kale-Cabbage slaw was just ok.  If I were doing this recipe again I would make the slaw earlier in the day and store it in the fridge so it had longer to marinate.  We ended up adding more vinegar and olive oil from our own pantry and it did the trick.  Overall it was a good meal.

final 2

Last up was the vegetarian dish we decided to try, Black Bean & Red Quinoa Enchiladas.  I have made things like these before but we thought we could try them and compare!  Plus, I knew the tortillas we would get would be superior to the ones I usually use at home.

IMG_2973 IMG_2972

I was so excited to be working with tomatillos and a pablano pepper.  I love the brightness on tomatillos and they remind me of the first, and only so far, vacation I have taken to the warm waters of Mexico.  My fiance and I made guacamole and salsa right next the ocean using these little beauties.  Anyway, the ingredients were super fresh and spelled great cooking, it was like being on vacation all over again.


Roasting the tomatillos and pablano gave them a warm flavor for the salsa verde.


The finished product was delicious and filling.  I had trouble finishing my plate.  Like I suspected the stars of the show were the tortillas, but the fresh salsa verde was delicious and easy to make.  It could be served as a salsa, mixed into guacamole or used as a sauce.  We didn’t use the cilantro because we are not huge fans so the finished product is not as bright as Blue Apron’s but it tasted good.


This was a fun, diverse box to cook and to eat.  There were different techniques used in all of the recipes and I found myself thinking about how I’d like to make them again soon.  I totally recommend that you check out Blue Apron soon!  Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

Love you more than fluffy rolls,



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