Road Trippin’ With My Favorite Ally

Finding out that we were moving has been bittersweet.  Right now I’m a savoring the sweetness.  Seems weird right?  When you are trying to plan a destination wedding and need to meet with florists, taste cakes (can’t freaking wait for that!!), make selections for the menu and plan your honeymoon, not being able to travel to do these thing because an interview might be looming before you has been, well, bitter.  Not to mention we couldn’t even book travel to Lake Tahoe (where we are getting married) for our wedding because we did not know what airport we would be closest too!  So needless to say, getting the word that we will be in Oregon and can now go ahead with travel plans has got me feeling HAPPY!

The first thing we did was plan a road trip to Oregon for the end of the month.  The ball is officially rolling and I can put my planning hat on again. I  like to plan; it must be the teacher in me.  Not being able to plan has been TORTURE. This trip is going to help us accomplish quite a few things.

  • We are going to make a stop in Las Vegas while it is still within one day driving distance.  We are staying on Fremont Street because I have never experienced that part of Vegas before and I am excited to go on the shark water slide at the Golden Nugget.
  • Then we are going to spend two nights in Lake Tahoe to check some things off of the wedding to do list.  Mostly I want to taste cake, but checking out hotels for guests and booking a florist is good too right? But cake. Yum. Plus it should be gorgeous this time of year.
  • Next its off to the Oregon Coast for a work retreat for my fiance.  He will get to meet some of the people he will be working with and I will be reunited with my ocean. We are going to be north of where I grew up but I can’t wait to dip my toes in the freezing water.  Seriously.  I am so excited to breath some of the salty sea air and watch the fog roll in.  Plus it will be so nice to meet some of the people that will be a part of our new life in Salem.
  • Then we will head to the Salem, OR area.  This is where we will be living and we need to find a place to call home.  So we will look at some places to rent.  I’m not super excited about renting again, and hopefully we can stay out of an apartment.  I think it will be good to live in the area for awhile before we decide where to buy though.  We are also going to set up a P.O. box so I have a return address to put on my wedding invitation and RSVP cards that need to go out right in the middle of our move…gulp.
  • After that we will meet up with my family at the Oregon Jamboree, a country music festival to see Keith Urban!
  • Finally we will spend another day exploring the Salem area and making living arrangements then we will drop Anthony’s car off at my uncle’s house and fly back to Phoenix.  This will make it so we don’t have to drive separately when we actually move.  We like to spend time together and don’t want to make the drive “alone.” What can I say, its love.

I am so pumped for this road trip.  I really like road trips.  I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  Introducing Anthony to more country music when he is a captive audience is good too.  We also spend a lot of time just talking.  Usually we have at least one pretty serious conversation about political philosophy and life in general.  It will also be good to have time to get some moving and wedding things done.  Plus, I requested road trip friendly clothes in my next Stitch Fix which should be here at the end of next week.  You can’t go wrong with new clothes for a new journey.  Am I right? I am sure I will have tons of pictures to post from this trip.  Can’t wait to share them.  Also, Stitch Fix will be featuring my review on their site on July 18th.  Check it out!!

Love you more than salty road trip snacks and sand between my toes,



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