August Stitch Fix Review Comes a Little Early

I realized that trying to figure out where my Stitch Fix box would ship to in August was going to be difficult with the upcoming move so I emailed Stitch Fix and asked them to move my August Fix up.  They helped me out (yay for great customer service!) and my box arrived in time for me to pick things out for my upcoming road trip.

If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is you should go back and read my first post about it here

Basically, it is a styling service where you pay $20 and a personal stylist picks 5 articles of clothing or accessories for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.  Your stylist uses a style profile you fill out as well as any Pinterest boards you link.  That’s right, your Pinterest wardrobe can become a reality.  You decide what you want and send the rest back in a pre-paid bag.  If you keep everything you get 25% off.  As long as you keep one thing your $20 styling fee is applied to the order.  Easy-peasy.  Its pretty great, especially for people who don’t like to go shopping (me!), take a long time to make decisions (me!), or are susceptible to buying something because it is a good price, not because you need it (me!).

So this was my 14th fix and will be my last until I find a new job in Oregon.  I had a new stylist this time names Jason (hi Jason!) and he did a great job.  In my note I asked for things that would be comfortable for a road trip, pack well and possibly a maxi dress with a solid top because I feel a print from head to toe tends to make me look shorter and wider.  I also created a new style board on Pinterest that is specifically for Stitch Fix and you can check it out here!  My old style board had 714 pins on it and that seemed overwhelming so I decided to try the less is more route.  My goal for my Stitch Fix board is to keep it under 100 pins and update it every fix.  This focused approach really seemed to work as Jason hit it out of the park and gave me what I wanted!

Here is what I got:


I loved my note from Jason because it showed he really checked my Pinterest board and paid attention to my notes from last time.  He also read my blog!  I spent time writing little notes about what I liked about the pieces on my Pinterest board and I think it really helped.  So let’s see how everything looked!

1. Gilli Shay Printed Maxi Dress-Size Large, $88

IMG_1039IMG_1182 IMG_1040

IMG_1062 IMG_1058

I loved the colors in this print, the little bits of orange were my favorite.  It was super soft and I appreciated the navy top.  I paired it with a summer hat to help shade me from the 110 degree temps when I took this picture.  There was also a slit in the side which made walking easier and I appreciated that.  I just felt like it wasn’t super flattering and the length had me thinking I wouldn’t grab it out of my closet.  I ended up keeping it for the discount and selling it to a friend.

2. Pixley Misty Scarf Print Ribbon Strap Blouse- Size M, $56 (maybe? I threw away the invoice and can’t remember)

IMG_1125IMG_1181  IMG_1128 IMG_1114 IMG_1121

This top is not something I would have picked out on the rack because the colors (except my favorite, navy) and the print are our of my comfort zone.  But I like that Stitch Fix allows me to go out of my comfort zone from time to time.  I did appreciate that it is a similar style to the ribbon strap blouse I sent back last month due to fit issues.  This one fit much better and the print grew on me the more I tried it on.  I decided to keep it and will be wearing it on the first leg of our road trip tomorrow!

3. Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket- Size M, $88

IMG_1175IMG_1184 IMG_1177  IMG_1169 IMG_1172 IMG_1159

I love this jacket.  I am so glad that I got the tan one in this fix.  I almost kept the navy last time and requested it in gray but saw another blogger in the tan and loved it.  I pinned it and explained I’d take it in this color too!  I actually think I prefer this tan to the gray, and the fact that I have seen a very cute gray and white polka dot rain jacket helps too.  It was an easy choice to keep this.  Its flattering and will go with almost anything.  It is a road trip piece for sure.


4. Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top-Size M, $48

IMG_1186 IMG_1178 IMG_1135 IMG_1146 IMG_1151

This shirt is a Stitch Fix fan favorite.  The ladies love it.  I pinned it on the off-chance they’d send it to me so I could see what the fuss is all about.  When I saw it in my box I was excited.  I love the heather gray and white stripes.  It is a soft shirt that is not too thin.  Its long enough to wear with leggings or skinny jeans but I am hoping it shrinks a little because the length bunches up on my short torso (see picture 1).  I styled it casually with a yellow statement necklace because I love yellow and gray together.  This will be good for casual weekend days and it is going on the road trip with me.  I tried it tucked in to slacks and it looks great with that too!  In true dolman style there is extra fabric under the arms but it doesn’t bother me; I have always wanted wings ;).  This was a keeper for sure.


5.  Kut From the Kloth Corynne Distressed Boyfriend Short-Size 8, $68

IMG_1179IMG_1183 IMG_1180 IMG_1158 IMG_1156 IMG_1153

I did not ask for boyfriend shorts but was soooooo happy to get a pair.  They are long enough for my self-consciousness about the back of my legs and are a lighter wash than the other pair of jeans shorts I have that I wear out of the house.  They fit great and have enough stretch to make them good car ride shorts.  The wash is a little weird on the back in one spot, but I can’t see it when I wear them so it doesn’t bother me.  Love these.


So I kept everything from this fix and got the 25% discount.  I sold the dress making my total for my 4 items around $170, including tax.  I know I will get a lot out of the pieces I kept and I am going to ask to have Jason as my stylist again next time.  I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.  Also, if you’d like to try Stitch Fix click and sign up! I get a referral credit and you get fashion fun.

Until Next Time,

Love you more than cargo jackets and dolman wings,




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