The glorious stack.

The glorious stack.

My September Stitch Fix arrived as the month was winding to a close and I was ready for some fall clothes (see what I did there? 😉  If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix click here to read my first review that explains it all.  Basically you pay a $20 styling fee and a stylist picks some items out for you based on your notes and style profile.  They send the clothes to you, you try them on at home with pieces you already have and keep what you want and send back what you don’t.  If you buy it all you get 25% off.  I love it because dressing rooms eat up a lot of my time and its rare that I even walk away with good quality pieces that I love.

I didn’t receive a Fix in August because of the move from AZ to OR, but really needed a fix in September because the clothes I packed for our month in a hotel in August are not cutting it for the lower temps that fall has brought in the Pacific Northwest now that we are still looking for a house.  I have been searching for some more warm weather clothes but haven’t found any pants long enough and haven’t loved looking.  I also got a new teaching position that is a little more casual and needed some more stuff to wear to work.  Closet space is limited in the RV we are currently housed in until our house in AZ sells (please someone buy it! The book nook makes it special and is a feature I miss every day!)  So I need pieces that are versatile and fit perfect.  I asked for some fun fall colored skinnies, a dress that is easy to dress up or down, mixed material shirts and a fun leather detail draped jacket.  My stylist Jason created an amazing fix once again and really paid attention to my pinterest board and even wrote that he read my last blog post in his note.  I will be requesting him again.  Hi Jason!

Let’s see what he sent:


IMG_1633 IMG_1634IMG_1632

Market & Spruce Spencer Striped Jersey Dress-Navy Sz L $54.00

IMG_1770 IMG_1771IMG_1727

IMG_1777This dress was all over my pinterest board because it looked like it would be easy to wear for a casual school day.  It is super soft and it feels like you are wearing a giant soft t-shirt.  I loved how versatile this dress was as I styled it with red wedges with gold studs and the necklace sent in this fix as well as with boots (you can’t see them in the picture) and my olive cargo jacket from a previous fix.  I could think of a few other ways to wear it too! I was happily surprised by the way the waist fell on this dress because with my short torso that can be tricky.  There was a seam in the front of the dress that I just didn’t love and it was a little tight over my stomach, my biggest problem area.  I am so torn on this dress because I could wear spanx with it to make it look better, but that eliminates the comfortable factor that makes this such a great dress.  Also it seemed a tad shorter than I normally like to wear. I haven’t decided whether I will keep it yet.

Market & Spruce Alan Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan- Black Sz M $68.00

IMG_1648 IMG_1642  IMG_1661

Since Jason couldn’t find the jacket I wanted, he sent this instead.  I was amazed at how soft this was.  It also had a good weight to the fabric.  At first I really did not like this.  But after wearing it, it started to grow on me.  I didn’t love that when it was open there was a zipper track down the front and when it was zipped it hugged me in all the wrong places; my belly and high-hip chub in the back.  I liked how it covered my butt in the back and the drape on the neckline zipped up was great.  If I was going to keep this I’d size up (which you can do by emailing Stitch Fix) but I just can’t get that other jacket out of my head and knew I wouldn’t reach for this.  Lots of ladies love this so I am trying to sell it on a Stitch Fix Buy, Sell, Trade board on Facebook so I can get the discount on my other items.  If I can’t sell it in time it will be going back.

Kut From the Kloth Jonathan Skinny Corduroy- Burgundy Sz. 8 $68

IMG_1681 IMG_1686

Its easy to say I am obsessed with these pants.  The color, the corduroy fabric, the length. Delicious. These are so soft and I am thinking of a million things I can wear them with.  The Corinna Dolman from my late July Fix is calling to these pants. I tried them with everything else in my Fix minus the dress (because that would have been a questionable choice, but believe me I love them so much I would have done it).  These pants have great stretch, but a little too much stretch in the waist so I emailed customer service to see if they had a 6 and they did!  I will be sending this pair back so they can send me the smaller size.  I can’t wait for them to come!

Market & Spruce Lace Overlay Raglan Top-Blue, Sz. M $58.00

IMG_1668 IMG_0787IMG_1692

This top surpassed all of my expectations.  This is not your grandmother’s lace people.  It is so soft and doesn’t feel like it will catch on things.  I love the two types of fabric and the sleeve has a little folding detail that is so nice.  The teal lace is so vibrant looks great with my skin tone.  Jason suggested I try it with the pants and while I was nervous about some much jewel tone in one outfit I did like the way it looked.  Such a pretty piece.  This is for sure staying my closet.  It may be my favorite Stitch Fix top yet.

Romolo Matson Tassel Chain Necklace-Gold $34.00

IMG_1694  IMG_1762IMG_1710

I normally don’t request jewelry from Stitch Fix because I have other places to get my jewelry but I saw this styled with a scarf over it and had to try it! I pinned one pin on pinterest and mentioned that I’d try this necklace only in the comment below.  Apparently Jason even reads my notes under the pictures! I think it is so cute with everything Jason sent.  If I decide to keep everything and sell the cardigan this is definitely staying with me.  I feel like it will be very versatile.  I just don’t think keeping the necklace, shirt and pants for a total of $140 is the best choice financially.  We will see!

Original place I saw this beauty (the model has much better hair than I do)

Original place I saw this beauty (the model has much better hair than I do)

So Jason did a great job again.  Even though I didn’t love everything, this fix was solid and met my needs.  I am already excited for the next one.  If you’d like to try Stitch Fix click my Stitch Fix link, I will get some credit to feed my addiction and you will get to experience the magic of clothes being picked especially for you and sent right to your home.  A big thank you to my fiance for taking the pictures! He says he doesn’t love doing it, but he was pretty happy when these were his “best pictures yet!”  Until next time…

I love you more than corduroy and jewel tones,



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    • I haven’t sent it back yet! I was hoping to sell the cardigan and/or dress on a buy/sell/trade group but so far nobody is interested. I will probably only keep the top and skinnies.

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