Fix-Tober and other Fab Fall Fun

My 16th
box arrived early this week, well really it arrived Saturday but my little Post Office no longer has Saturday hours.  So that meant I had less time to photograph the pretties in the box.  I have arranged for my next box to arrive mid-week so I can prevent this next time.  The conditions weren’t great but I enlisted my trusty photographer Anthony (thanks Anth) on a misty gray evening and got some pictures.  They aren’t the best, but they are enough to give you an idea of what I got.

If you don’t know what
is check out my first post here to get the run down.

This month I asked my stylist Jason to send me some fun fall trends I have be seeing all over the place: elbow patches, faux leather details, back buttons and mixed material shirts.  I also asked for a dress or jumper and backpack to take on my honeymoon cruise in December (54 days until the big day people!!!) Jason was able to send me a good variety and each piece met one of my requests.

Here is his note:

IMG_2083Jason to answer your questions: I am doing well, just adjusting to the misty,wet gray days of Oregon.  I already have a pair of gray jeans I love so why don’t we wait on the moto jeans until you have an olive or light wash denim pair (hopefully with a lower price tag).  As for the leopard scarf; I grabbed a cute one on sale the other day so send me something that might look cute with it! I am open to Blanket scarves and ponchos though! I hope you are doing well!

Now let’s see what Jason sent.

1. Burgundy Pixley Greenich Striped Knit Top- Size M, $48

IMG_2011 IMG_2027IMG_2033

Faux leather details and elbow patches, burgundy stripes and a soft knit material, what more could a girl ask for?  Well, a little more room for her problem area, the belly, would be nice.  When I saw that this was cut pretty narrow I knew it wasn’t going to fit me to my liking.  It looks super cute styled with my vest but not so good on its own.  I couldn’t justify keeping it to only wear under a vest and didn’t know if it would fit correctly in a large either.  So I sold this to someone in a Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade group I belong to.  I’m still on the hunt for some elbow patches though because I love them!

2. Olive Urban Expressions Avenue Nylon Backpack-$58

IMG_1943 IMG_2022

This backpack exceeded my expectations.  The second picture shows off the olive color better.  It is a beautiful iridescent olive green with olive faux leather details around the zippers.  I cannot wait to use this on my honeymoon.  It is perfect!  Harry Potter World and Eastern Caribbean here we come!

3. Black Collective Concepts Marge Dress-Size L $88

IMG_2080 IMG_2063IMG_2070

IMG_2079 IMG_1955

So as soon as I saw the details on this dress I knew it wouldn’t work for me. The ruching on the stomach with pockets highlighted the area I like to minimize and the back was a little clingy.  I also don’t really like the cross front top as it always makes me feel lopsided.  I was surprised that the cap sleeve didn’t bother me on this dress as I usually don’t think that is a flattering style on me.  I loved the gold zipper detail and so did Anthony.  I thought it added a little edge which I liked, he thought it was practical because it was easy to zip and some of my other dresses are a pain to get on.  I loved trying this with my one and only blazer because that is a piece I am trying to use more.  Since there was lot about this dress I didn’t love I sent it back.

4.  Off-White Mystree Fanda Mixed Material Sweater- Size M $78



I loved that Jason sent me something that is new to
!  This sweater was very cozy and the back fabric was soft.  The close up of the back fabric looks black, but it was really navy and was a regular cloth, not a flannel.  When I first tried this on I thought it was too boxy for me but it grew on me as I looked at the pictures. I just wasn’t in love with the off-white sweater and the navy and orange checkered fabric together.  Plus without the keep all 25% off discount this was a little out of my price range.  I was so happy to try something new and different though!

5.  Black Skies are Blue Neli Split Back Contrast Hem Knit Top-Size M $48

IMG_2049 IMG_2042 IMG_1954

I was not a fan of this out of the box.  It looked like a lot of fabric and it was pretty boxy.  It was cuter on than I thought it would be and it was so soft! I think I would have liked it more if it didn’t have the split back.  I did like the other fabric peaking out at the bottom though.  It was a good length and was super comfortable.  Ultimately I decided to send it back because I knew I could live without it.

Side note: You might notice my matching necklace and earrings in the first picture. Here are some close ups:

IMG_2060 IMG_2055In honor of Halloween I thought I’d style this black shirt with my new orange jewelry from

I have been getting a monthly Sparkle Box for about 5 months and like the variety it gives me with the element of surprise I love.  For more information read my first review here.

While I normally wouldn’t wear these two pieces together I thought it was fun and added some brightness to my otherwise dark outfit.

So that is it for my
box for October.  Even though I only kept one item I am happy; I tried styles I hadn’t even thought of and had a blast thinking about how I would wear them.  If you’d like to sign up please use my referral link.  I just had my first person sign up under my referral link this month (shout out to Amanda!) and got $25 towards my next fix. 
Until next time,

I love you more than elbow patches and drizzly photo shoots,



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