The Wedding Dress Saga

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a big part of most bride’s wedding preparation.  I found mine last March with the lovely group of ladies below and had a blast trying on different styles. (P.S. I didn’t buy that black bathing suit, we just had a good laugh over it because that will be my new last name!)

We went to three bridal salons to find the dress I chose.  When I decided on my dress it was the first dress I put on that I didn’t want to take off.  I can’t wait to share photos of it from the wedding which is 29 days away! That is, if the dress makes it to the wedding.

Let me tell you about what I’m calling my Wedding Dress Saga.

It all started when we moved. My wedding dress hadn’t come in yet and so I would be living in Oregon and my dress would be in Arizona when it finally arrived at the store I purchased it from.  That meant the alterations that came with the dress would no longer be included and I’d have to find a way to get the dress to Oregon! Then my dress kept getting delayed and by October I was worried that it would never come! The bridal salon finally called me to say it had arrived and we worked out a plan to ship it to Oregon.  It arrived at my future Mother-in-Law’s house and she graciously brought it to me for a first fitting.

In order to find a place that would do alterations on a dress from outside of their salon I had to call numerous places and got turned down by most. Finally I found one that would and made my appointment.

When I put my dress on for the first time I panicked because the bust was wacko.  I had a Madonna cone style dress, and while Anthony enjoys a good 80’s hit, that is not the look I am going for.  The alterations gal told me not too much could be done about the shape but once it fit my body it would look better.  Let’s just say they make wedding dresses large on top to accommodate all sizes and I needed it taken in, a lot. So I made a return appointment and went on my merry way.

Fast forward two weeks: I go back to the salon and walk up to the counter to let them know I am there for my fitting. The woman looks at the computer, asks me my name, looks at the computer, asks me to spell my name.  Then says, “Are you sure you have been here before?”


I began to immediately go to worst case scenario: my dress has disappeared!

I reassured her that yes, I have been to the salon before and yes I have an appointment.

She looks in the computer again, clicks a lot, looks back at me, clicks some more and finally says “Oh, they spelled your name wrong, but you still don’t have an appointment because you cancelled it.”

No, no I didn’t.

“Oh, it looks like the confirm button is next to the cancel. I will see if we can still get you in.”

You better get me in! I need to see my dress!

We get in.  We go back.  Not too much has been done to my dress because they thought I wasn’t coming in (grrrrr!) but the bodice looks better (phew!)

Then my sister notices something, a red stain on the back of the bodice. You have got to be kidding me!!! I paid a lot for this dress and never imagined it would be in danger at a BRIDAL SALON. Apparently I was wrong.  The alterations gal told me that it would for sure come out, but cleaning and steaming would be $50. Um, no. You got it dirty, not me.  So she said they won’t steam it, but she can clean it and get the red out.  Yes, that would be nice.

Then she lifts up the bottom to determine if it needs to be hemmed.  There is a rip right in the front.  Now, this is moment you probably think, she has to be kidding.  Well, I’m not.  Its a straight 4 inch tear right at the bottom of the dress.  She tells me now she is going to have to cut the front of the dress, there isn’t another option.  Ooooooookkkkk.

And, our appointment comes to an end.  I am going back on Friday for the final fitting (I think).  In my mind I’m thinking I’ll probably go back and they will have dyed it pink to cover the red spot and it will be tea length to get rid of the rip.  My sister assures me she will force them to just give me a new dress if that is the case.

So that is my Wedding Dress Saga.  My mom had one too when she was married and it turned out fine.  So I am not too worried…

Thanks to Hannah Jo for encouraging me to share this story on the blog!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than alterations and wedding dress surprises,



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