Bridal Brain…its a Thing

My wedding is two weeks away! As it gets closer my brain has been growing fuzzier and fuzzier.  I’m calling this sensation “bride brain.”

I have decided that in the final countdown to her wedding, a bride becomes hyper focused and nervous about all the details coming together and this causes her brain to become foggy which leads her to do stupid things. Like baking cookies with powdered sugar instead of flour. Yes I did that.  Well I knew there was something wrong with the dough long before I put it in the oven because it was glossy and fluffy, but I guess that is what you get when you do not focus your full attention on the task at hand.

In my defense the light bulb burned out on the mixer side of the kitchen and my powdered sugar and flour are in the same kind of container (not anymore, I fixed that). I know that is not much of a defense…but I thought I’d try.

I tried again the next day and the result was delicious!  Here is my photo evidence:

IMG_2484 (2)


This incident also came upon a time in my wedding planning where I was in a show down with my florist. The original quote was for $700 but I got my invoice and it said $1900 for the exact same things we had discussed in July. Except she didn’t tell me she’d be charging for set up, delivery, over $300 for tulle puffs and for things on loan from her shop. I about hit the roof. So I had to make some changes to my plans and lean on my family and friends to help my vision come to life. There was no way I was paying that much! Especially since flowers are not a big part of the plan.

I had also spent about 2 hours at the bridal salon getting my last fitting for my wedding dress. If you haven’t read the saga that has been getting my dress altered click here. Spending 2 hours there means that it wasn’t easy breezy. The dress was stain free, thankfully, and the alteration gal forgot that there was a tear in the bottom so it is still nice and long and the tear is easily hidden in a fold in the dress. But there was a problem with the way she altered the top. Luckily my sister and maid-of-honor had a great idea about how to fix it and it worked!  So the dress finally made it home and is ready to get on a plane. Yay!

So you see, with all of this wedding drama going on my brain began to fuzz.  The only way I have known how to make it un-fuzz in the past is to make lists. That is exactly what I did. I made a list of all the wedding related things that needed to be packed. Then I packed all of the decor and stuff needed for the wedding day, minus my dress, in my carry on.I started thinking that it would be just my luck (or lack there-of) if the airline lost my checked bag with wedding stuff in it. So keeping it in a carry on eases my mind. Let’s hope my fiance has room in his carry on for my rehearsal dinner dress 😉

Then I made a list of all the clothes I was going to pack for all the wedding related activities, including our Christmas Day adventure in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and our 8 night Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruise. This list took two hours to make because I took out all of the clothes I thought I wanted to bring and then slowly began to plan and write outfits for every day. We are going to be gone a whopping 17 days so this was quite the task for me.  But boy was it worth it.  After I had that done I felt the fog beginning to lift.

Then is was time to make the list of things that needed to be done once we get to Tahoe, a list of what needs to be done the day of the wedding, a list to be done the day of the wedding for the reception and a list of what needs to be done the day after the wedding.  <——this is me making lists again.

Maybe bride brain is cured with a little good old fashioned organization. Or maybe actually focusing on one thing at a time and being able to see it through from start to finish helps calm me down. Either way I’m feeling better and I don’t think there will be any more cookie casualties.

Oh! and apparently Tahoe is looking like a winter wonderland. That makes my heart happy. So here’s to hoping that I can keep the my cool and keep the bride brain at bay.

Until next time,

I love you more than powdered sugar and powdery snow,



Here is our wedding website if you’d like to take a peek!




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