My Comfort Zone Challenge

Recently Stitch Fix issued a style challenge on their blog. If you don’t know whatStitch Fix is read this post and sign up, you won’t regret it. Intrigued by the word “challenge” I read the post, clicked out of it and thought, “there is no way I am doing that.” The fashion challenges weren’t super hard, but I immediately counted myself out because I would have to post a picture of myself, wearing my outfit choices, with clothes from my closet, on social media. I was nervous about other people seeing my clothing picks and how I styled each challenge. So I made a note of what hashtags to look at during the week (because I can look at other people and judge their outfits instead of participating right?) and went about my football watching.

Fast forward to a few hours later: My room is a mess, clothes and shoes are everywhere. I am sitting on the floor with a notebook, my hair in a crazy bun planning out my outfits for the “Comfort Zone Challenge.” I changed my mind because I have been getting that itch to buy new clothes. But I told myself for every new thing I put in my wardrobe, something has to come out and I am just not ready to give up on what I have yet. So accepting this challenge would be a good way to reinvent my wardrobe with what I already have.  And, I needed to get over my fear of posting the pictures. If people don’t want to see them they can unfollow me or just keep scrolling.

So the rules for the challenge were: you had to be wearing at least one piece from Stitch Fix that corresponds to the challenge, you had to post a picture of your outfit on instagram, facebook or twitter and put #comfortzonechallenge @StitchFix and #stylegoals2016 in the caption along with a brief explanation of how you are stepping out of your comfort zone. The prize was a $250 Stitch Fix credit for the best photo of the day and a $1000 Stitch Fix credit for the best photo of the week. Ok, so that may have influenced my decision to participate just a little…onto the challenges (challenge verbiage taken straight from the original blog post on )


  • Day 1 (1/18): Try a new denim style! Ditch the skinnies & experiment with a new cut—like flares, culottes, boyfriend, etc.


I chose to wear flare jeans for this challenge. I  live in my skinny jeans with boots and these Kut From the Kloth jeans hang in my closet unworn. I don’t own very many pairs of heels and I think that is what I avoid flares. I don’t really know what shoes to wear. I paired these flares with the Fun2Fun Chandra Plaid Sleeveless Blouse I got from Stitch Fix, navy cardigan from TJ Maxx and red wedges from Aerosoles. While it was nice to put on the flares, I still feel like I need shoe help before wearing these again.


  • Day 2 (1/19): Try the tonal trend. Go head-to-toe in your favorite color. Test the waters with all neutrals like grey and white, or go full-on monochromatic in all black.


This was a surprisingly fun outfit for me to plan. I love color and have never worn a monochromatic look before. I decided to make my gray and white striped Corinna Dolman from the Stitch Fix exclusive brand, Market & Spruce the piece in which I would build my outfit around. I have been living in the super soft  grey cardigan from TJ Maxx, I call it my old man cardigan, so I layered that on, threw on my grey Liverpool skinny jeans from Amazon (also a brand Stitch Fix carries) and my grey tennies from Old Navy. When Anthony and I went outside to take the pictures it was raining so I also put on this grey hat from Wal-Mart. I like the look and want to try more tonal looks in the future!


  • Day 3 (1/20): Wear bold colors together. Mix up your palette by wearing two or more complementary hues at once. Try vibrant tones like blue and orange or ease into it with red and burgundy.


I already mentioned I love to wear color. So I was excited about this challenge. I wanted to make sure that I actually made this one a challenge so I decided against my favorite color pairing mentioned in the challenge, blue and orange, and went for a color scheme I would normally never wear: mustard and burgundy. I got these amazingly comfortable Kut From the Kloth Skinny Corduroy pants from Stitch Fix in September (view my review here).  They are more burgundy in real life, but photographed purple in this picture. I paired them with a mustard top from the brand Philosophy that I bought off of eBay. Then to add more color in the same families I put on a scarf from Wal-Mart with lots of pink and orange. I also layered a gold pendant necklace under the scarf for some added sparkle and pulled on my over the knee boots from Charlotte Russe. I was surprised by how much I loved this outfit and can’t wait to try more color combinations that have have never been on my radar before.


  • Day 4 (1/21): Attempt a daring print. Take a break from solids—we want to see you rock patterns. From big dots to fun shapes, get wild!


I am a lover of polka dots and plaid. Those make up the bulk of the prints in my closet. I like other prints, but they usually end up on my accessories only. This year was the first time I have ever worn anything with a leopard print or with stripes. I bought this houndstooth dress on a whim when it was on clearance at Charming Charlie and don’t wear it as often as I should. So this print challenge was the perfect time to pull it out and put it on. I layered it over black leggings from and put my Kut From the Kloth Maisha Ponte Faux Leather Jacket over the top (see the review in which I received the jacket here). I love the little bit of edge the jacket adds so I wanted to balance that with a girly Perry Street crystal statement necklace from Rocksbox. You can barely see my go to black booties from Charlotte Russe peaking out at the bottom. I loved wearing this and felt confident rocking a loud print as a large part of my outfit, which was out of my comfort zone. Also, I couldn’t resist taking a selfie at the library because I matched the shelves!


  • Day 5 (1/22): Accessorize with a red lip. Find the perfect red shade for your skin tone, then pucker up for your selfie.


I bought this red lipstick from Sephora for my Queen of Hearts Halloween costume years ago. I never wear it out of the house. I always put it on and wipe it off. I’m afraid it will bleed and give me a clown mouth. But the Stitch Fix style gurus asked for red lips, so red lips they will get. I like the classic Americana look of red and blue together so I paired my lip with my Bernadette Lace Overlay top by the Stitch Fix exclusive brand Market & Spruce. I got this back in September and still love it. It was cold when I went outside to take the selfie (but not raining, yay!) and so I threw on my Market & Spruce Chaplin Anorak Jacket, also from Stitch Fix. I’m not convinced I will be wearing red lips on a weekly basis, but maybe I will wear them more than once every few years on Halloween.


  • Day 6 (1/23): Take a risk by mixing prints. Show us your creative side & pair at least two patterns together.


Before joining Stitch Fix mixing prints is something I would have never done. This fall I started wearing the one striped shirt I have with a leopard print scarf, but that is as far as I got. So I decided I’d have to go bolder than that for this challenge.  I decided to mix 3 prints on top with my Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans I received from Stitch Fix before I started doing blog reviews. I started with my go to print, polka dots, on my long sleeve green and white button up from Old Navy. Then I layered on a black and white Aztec print scarf from Charming Charlie. Finally I put on this buffalo check plaid coat  because it was rainy and cold when we went to see our property and the foundation for our house (pictured in the background).  I was surprised by how much I like this look and it was super warm and cozy! I am going to continue to try mixing prints. I am very intrigued by stripes and floral together.


  • Day 7 (1/24): Experiment with an exaggerated silhouette. Think tunics, oversized sweaters, duster cardigans, culottes, etc.


This one was hard for me because I don’t own a lot of oversized clothing because I feel like it always makes me look bigger. Luckily, I kept this Skies are Blue Lio Pointelle Knit Cardigan from a Stitch Fix box last year. I just couldn’t resist the soft feminine colors and details of this cardigan, but because it is oversized I rarely wear it. I decided to balance it out by wearing leggings and a simple white tank with it. My initial thought was to wear it with navy fleece lined leggings, but when I was getting them out I came across these burgundy ones and didn’t look back. I love the juxtaposition of the soft wintry pastel (can you say Pantone color of the year Serenity?) cardigan with the bold, fall toned leggings. I added a floppy burgundy hat for an oversized cherry on top and loved this look. I think this may be my favorite of the week and bonus points because it is so comfy! The hat is from Amazon, leggings from, the boots are Steve Madden from TJ Maxx.

There you have it, my Stitch Fix Comfort Zone Challenge! I had a blast with this and I am so glad I got over my social media fear and tried it. I still looked at the hashtags to get ideas from other people doing the challenge and you can follow @stitchfix on instagram to see who the winners for each day were! Also, you can follow me on instagram and twitter @whitksmith to see more pictures from my every day life. If you would like to sign up for Stitch Fix click any of the blue links above!  I get a credit to make more posts like this and you get an amazing personal stylist experience!

Which challenge would be the hardest for you? Which outfit in this post did you like the best? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to order a Stitch Fix Gift Card too!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than oversized hats and bold colors,



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