February Stitch Fix Review

It has been a few months since I have received a Stitch Fix box so Anthony got me one for Valentine’s Day! My box arrived Thursday right on schedule and I couldn’t wait to see what my stylist, Jason, had picked out for me.

If you are new to Stitch Fix to find out what it is and how it works!


Above is the neatly packaged stack I received. I immediately spotted the white pants (yikes!) and pretty colors!

In my Style Note I asked for something fun to wear to a Peter Cetera concert my husband and I are going to for our Valentine’s  date tonight! I also let Jason know a few of the staples that are missing from my wardrobe: a black, stretchy pencil skirt, raincoat, grey booties, shirts to go under my faux shearling vest and a crossbody bag big enough to hold my iPhone, glasses case, wallet and kindle. I also let him know I was interested in trying elbow patches and the cold-shoulder trend. Then I updated my Pinterest board which I like to keep at around 75 pins and waited, not so patiently, for my fix to arrive.

Let’s see what Jason has to say about the things he picked for me:


I love how he referenced my pins, and the fact that I participated in the Comfort Zone Challenge that Stitch Fix put on at the beginning of the year. It is awesome that he wants to continue to push me by sending things I would not request (see kimono and white pants below). That is one of the reasons I love Stitch Fix, I get to try new styles at home to see if I like them/if they look good on my body. I don’t have to go to the store and into a fitting room. I get to try things I would normally never pick up off the rack. It’s awesome.

Now on to the clothes! Thanks to my amazing husband for helping with the photo shoot!

1. Margaret M Odela Houndstooth Pencil Skirt-Black, Size Large, $78


This skirt may be the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn. It is stretchy and soft. I don’t like my skirts to be too tight, so I was glad Jason sent a large. I love the houndstooth print because it is not overstated and will be easy to wear with other prints, as well as solids. I paired it with a black and white striped tee for a subtle mixed print look.  Since I have such high hips it is hard to find a pencil skirt that looks just right on me.  This one has a wide waistband which I like, but the bottom seam cuts in right under my hips and it looks funny (top right shows a little of what I am talking about). I am so sad this didn’t work out because it is seriously comfy and cute! But for $78 the skirt needs to be perfect and for me and this one was not. Anthony’s take: Its nice but it does that cut in thing on your hips that you don’t like.

2. Moda Luxe Brooklyn Crossbody Bag-Cobalt $48

Also pictured above with the Margaret M Pencil Skirt is this great crossbody bag! I love the bright cobalt color which photographed closest to the true color with the black skirt. Like Jason said, this bag can hold all of my essentials and is not too bulky. The top right picture shows that the front zipper detail is actually a flat pocket, which I love! The inside has one zip pocket and two pockets on the side that can fit my iPhone.  I loved the grey print on the inside of the bag as well! This purse did have a weird smell when I first took it out of the box, but as it aired out the smell dissipated.  I love this bag and it is definitely a keeper! Anthony’s take: Does your crippy-crap fit in it? Then it does what it is supposed to.

3.  Paradigma Gwenifer Kimono-White, Size MIMG_4207

This thing is so far out of my comfort zone. It is lightweight, flowy and over-sized.  When I pulled it out of the box it reminded me of really pretty pj’s. I paired it with the white pants, also from this fix, like the style card suggested. I added light metallic gold wedges to add to the romantic look.  Good thing my mother-in-law treated me to a pedicure, because usually my toes would not be open-toe shoe ready during the winter! I love the other option on the style card as well. Pairing it with a jumper is not something I would have thought of! I don’t have one but think it would be so cute. Anyway, this thing is beautiful. I know I would never wear it and it is too pretty to sit in my closet.  I have a feeling it is going to be a very requested spring piece for Stitch Fix. I really can’t justify keeping it though, so it is going back. But, I think I have discovered all of the romantic, soft colors I should wear because I was surprised by how great it looked with my light skin! So that is a win in my book! Anthony’s take: What is that?

4. Kut From the Kloth Denna Skinny Jean-White, Size 8


These pants. I have always wanted to be a person that wears white pants. But I am so worried that I will get them dirty within minutes of walking out the door and they will go from looking chic to trashy in no time at all. These pants are a nice thick weight material. I didn’t feel like they were transparent and they had just the right amount of stretch. They were also long enough, which is awesome. I really, really like them. They are a smidge too tight as I have my layer of winter fat going on right now, so that made my decision even harder.  Ultimately, I had to send them back as I just don’t think they are practical. Although I might regret that decision…  Anthony’s take: White pants? (eyebrows raised)

5. Moon & Sky Tuka Cold-Shoulder Sweatshirt Knit Top-Burgundy, Size M, $58



This shirt was very intriguing to me. First, I love, love, love the color. Second it is super comfy. But the arm slits just throw me for a loop. That white stuff on the sleeves is my skin, not fabric. I can’t help but think those are cold arms, not cold-shoulders. I did enjoy styling it like the first picture on the style card and think it looks cute. The differentiated dye concentration is a nice detail (as seen on top right of the collage above) and the front is shorter than the back. I have a short torso and this shirt was barely long enough for me in the front, so long torsos beware! Overall I just thought it was too boxy for my body type so I sent it back. I would love something else in this color though! Anthony’s take: It looks like a ripped up track suit.

So there you have it! Fix #18 is in the books. I am keeping the Moda Luxe Purse and sending the rest back. Even though I am only keeping one piece I loved trying it all! I am being very selective about what does in my closet and I love that Stitch Fix allows for me to have time to think before making a purchase.  I know I will probably regret sending back the white jeans, but at least I know which brand I like! I am excited to schedule my next fix and see what I get!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than cold-arms and painted toes,


P.S. If you know someone who would love to try Stitch Fix Gift Card get one here!


12 thoughts on “February Stitch Fix Review

  1. I agree and loved the color of the “cold arms” sweater but not the sweater. Good choice with keeping the bag! Love stitch fix!

  2. I love how you add your husbands take on each piece!! The one on the purse and kimono made me lol and still cracking me up. His responses sound so much like what my husbands would be if I asked him. Like the white pants but like you I don’t think I could keep them clean.

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