March Mad-for-Fashion Stitch Fix Review

With spring upon us I am getting the itch to get new clothes to match the new season. Luckily I didn’t bust our budget with my Valentine’s Day fix last month so I signed up for another Stitch Fix box to come this month. This post contains affiliate links. Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box with a $20 styling fee that is sent straight to your door with five apparel items, accessories and now shoes (woo-hoo!) picked out especially for you based on your preferences. If you want to learn more read my first Stitch Fix post here

I have been getting Stitch Fix boxes on and off for about 2 years now and this was my 19th box! This month I asked my stylist, Jason, for conservative dresses and fun clutches to wear to the dinners I seem to be attending a lot more frequently than I used to (thanks Anthony’s job!) I specified that I’d like the dresses to have sleeves or to be sent with a blazer that matches if they happen to be sleeveless. I also told him I’m looking for a raincoat because, rain.  It is an every day thing for me now. I also mentioned a chambray shirt (I stained mine), light wash jeans and any spring trends he thought I’d like.There may have been mention that I am a little obsessed with DJ Tanner Fuller’s wardrobe on Fuller House…Yes I binge watched the season and yes I loved it.

Here is the note he sent along with the items he selected for me (also check out that name at the top! I am offish Mrs. Smith).


Jason always looks at my Pinterest board (linked here) and I always spend time (probably too much) updating it and keeping it around 75 pins. That little thank you at the end of his note as very sweet. I recently applied to be a Stitch Fixstylist and didn’t get the job because I do not live in one of their styling regions. Hopefully someday they will have one in Portland.

As always, my husband took the pictures and made some funny comments I will share with you. It was a pretty miserable day and started to rain during the photo shoot so I am sorry the quality is not the best! I’ve kept you waiting long enough, here is what he sent!

  1. Kut From the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean-Light Blue, Size 6, $88



I love the color of these jeans, they are exactly what I asked for. The only problem is, I don’t wear distressed jeans. I do not like wearing them to work because they do not seem professional enough, even for our casual environment. Also, students will poke their fingers in the holes. I know that seems weird, but after teaching Kindergarten for 3 years I know anything is possible. So even though these are versatile and the perfect color they went back. My shoes are from Charlotte Russe.

Anthony’s take: “They have holes in them.”

2. London Times Ahleya Eyelet Dress-Blue, Size 10, $88


This dress is just my style. I loved the neckline on me and the eyelet fabric is feminine. The back has a cute keyhole above the zipper. This dress is so spot on that I already have a dress just like it in my closet. Same color, similar cut. I was bummed. I really did like this dress. As you can see the fabric bunched at my waist which is pretty typical for dresses that have a back closing zipper. My short waist always throws things off. Also, this zipper was one of those hard to to zip tiny zippers Anthony hates zipping up. Sadly I sent this back. Shoes are from Charlotte Russe.

Anthony’s take: “This zipper sucks. Why do they try to hide zippers? It is pointless everyone knows they are there. Just put a jacket zipper on it. The dress is nice.”

3. Harlyn Ronneby Blazer-Light Blue, Size L, $88


IMG_4969 (2)

I love the color of this blazer. It is one of the Pantone colors of the year and I own very little in this color but have been wanting to add it to my spring wardrobe to wear in place of white. I styled it two ways: with the dress for a dressy look and with a statement necklace, t-shirt and distressed jeans. I liked it both ways and it fit me really well. The only thing I do not like about it is the hook and eye closures. Even on the hanger you can see them and it makes it look unfinished. Super weird. I went through my closet and had a lot to wear this with this jacket so I decided to keep it. I will be cutting the the closure off and wearing it always open. Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Statement Necklace: Rocksbox (use my code for a free month whitneybff162 )

Anthony’s take: “I really like this. You should keep it.”

4. Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt-Green, Size M, $64


This lightweight sweater screams spring. The color is so bright and is a color I love to wear. I was surprised that the funnel neck was flattering and that the fabric was soft. The sleeves run a little short on this sweater. I like the tight part of the sleeve to be right where my hand begins and the whole sleeve ended right there. This was uncomfortable for me but I liked the sweater. I emailed Stitch Fix to see if they had a larger size to trade but they did not. So this spring green sweater had to go back. Shoes: Payless Shoe Source Wrap bracelet: Rocksbox (use my code to get a month free!)

Anthony’s take: “It looks good on you, but I thought I stopped dating earthy looking girls a long time ago.”

5. Alice Blue Teyona Tie Neck Blouse-Fuchsia, Size L, $44



Well you know you are officially an Oregonian when you lose your Arizona glow. Hello white skin. This top had a big ol’ tag inside letting m know it was made exclusively for Stitch Fix which is perk from ordering from their service. I love the color of this blouse but it was sheer! I wore a black cami under it but did not want to spend $44 on a sheer blouse. Even though it was easy to dress up, and down, I did not like this blouse. There was just something about the pleats and the boxy feel of this top that wasn’t me.  So I sent it back. Leopard shoes: Charlotte Russe, Black Pumps: Payless

Anthony’s take: frowns and just shakes his head no.

This month I only kept the blazer but I am super excited about it. I think it will be a great staple for my wardrobe. I love that Jason listens to requests but always sends me things that are a surprise. If you want to try Stitch Fixplease use my referral code! It doesn’t cost you extra but it helps me buy more pretties. If you know someone that would love to try this, or is already using it, I know they’d love a Stitch Fix Gift Card.

Until Next Time,

I love you more than spring green and light blue things,



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