Monday Musings

Anthony and I went and visited our house this weekend and it was the first time we couldn’t get in. The place has doors! After creeping around and peering in all of the windows I finally started imaging myself living there. With only 34 days until or projected closing date it is starting to become real! I am looking forward to unpacking all of our boxes for the first time since moving to Arizona in 2010. We haven’t always had the space to put things, so they were better left boxed. It drives me crazy believe me.  So while unpacking is not going to be fun, it will be nice to have it done. But I am most excited to have a full size kitchen again! I like to cook and especially like trying new things.

With the rise of Pinterest and food bloggers, finding recipes has become easy. Believe me, I have some pretty delicious Pinterest boards. I got so enthusiastic with my baked good pins I had to separate the boards by type. So now my handheld treats, like cookies and cupcakes, are together and cakes, cobblers and pies have found a place on another. You can find lunch and dinner together, but breakfast gets her own board. Then there are the snacks and sides. Yum.

Now, unlike some of my DIY Pinterest boards I actually use recipes I have pinned. Every time I do, I worry my computer or phone is going to become a casualty of my messiness. When I cook, it can get a little sloppy and having my electronics anywhere near a bubbling pot of soup is not ideal. So as happy as it makes me to find new recipes with pretty pictures on Pinterest I actually prefer to use cookbooks. Sometimes I check out cookbooks from the library and read them like books. Its true, my most recent was a book all about bread. It was a delicious read (haha).

But I have had this problem plaguing my cookbook loving life lately. I have nowhere to keep my cookbooks. We do not have any room for them in the one bedroom aparetment we are living in now (all of my precious books have been in storage since July!!!!) and before that our kitchen was too small to find a place for them to go. Not to mention we didn’t even have time to unpack before we were moving again.

As we get ready to move into out new house I am determined to find a good way to keep my cookbooks handy. I am also seriously in need of some new cookbooks. I have been keeping  a Cookbook Wishlist on Amazon to help me remember which cookbooks I have seen and want to have in my collection. My cookbook tastes range from the classics, to healthy eating to sweet treats. One of my favorites is a cookbook Anthony and I brought back from our first cruise together. What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments, my wish list needs to get longer! Now I am off to make black bean rotini pasta  for the first time!

Until Next Time,

I love you more the Pinterest Boards and Cookbook Hoards,




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