ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Dressing for the classroom can be difficult. As a teacher I want to look put together and professional, but not too stiff. I have to be able to bend over at a desk without showing off what is going on under my skirt, or splitting a seam. There is also the concern about where little hands creep when they want to give you a hug or get your attention, I’ve removed many a kindergarten hand from under the hem of my dress or from caressing my thigh. Even now that I am teacher of students who are a little bit older, they still hug and tap you on the bum as you walk by their desk.

So not only are there teaching logistics to consider when getting dressed but I feel like the way I present myself to my students will help to shape their view of my level of seriousness about their education. Believe me, they notice everything. That subtle haircut  might go unnoticed by your significant other, but you better believe the little boy who bear hugs you every day will mention it. If you get new shoes they will be talked about, and every once in awhile you will notice a student is starting to emulate your style. So If I am a sloppy mess or wearing a ripped pair of jeans my students are going to see that for me education is casual. Which it is not.

I have loved browsing online at , an online fashion retailer with vintage and modern styles, since becoming a teacher. They have a lot of fun conservative styles that I love. Recently, I discovered that at the end of every season ModCloth tries to get rid of some of their old inventory by offering what they call a “Stylish Surprise” which is essentially a grab bag type of purchase. You can select if you want a dress for $20, an apparel item like a shirt, skirt, pants for $20 of a pair of shoes for $15. Or if you are like me, choose all three. I got to do this because I had store credit from ModCloth from some returns I made when trying to find the perfect boots and dress for wedding events earlier this year. The burgundy boots I chose to wear for my wedding came from ModCloth and I love them (they lace up the back!)

SmithWed _-401

So I selected the size I wanted in each Stylish Surprise category and made my purchase. I was so excited to get my box because I had no idea what would be in it! That is the most fun part of the Stylish Surprise; it really is a surprise. I like the idea of having something sent to me without knowing what it is because then it challenges me to figure out how to style it. Also, with the age of Facebook groups for everything, I stumbled across a ModCloth Buy, Sell, Trade (B/S/T) page, so I knew if I didn’t like something I could try to resell it.

Here is what I got!

1. Apparel Stylish Surprise-Heather Grey Fox T-Shirt $20

I was super disappointed to get a t-shirt as my apparel item, especially for $20. This shirt was cute, but not something I could see myself wearing. It was very soft, but VERY tight. Luckily I put that ModCloth B/S/T page to use and sold this puppy.

2. Dress Stylish Surprise-Cream and Navy Shift Dress by Bo Bel $20

When I pulled this out of the box I got excited. I love navy and mixing patterns has been a fashion trend I have been trying to wear more often. This amazingly soft dress with its heathered stripes and polka dot tie in the back is very much my style. It was also lined and made in the USA, two big bonuses! This dress shape  is not always my best friend. I have long legs and a super short waist. This causes my hip bones to sit very high and poke out weirdly. Usually I look like a very hilly road when wearing this style, but somehow this dress was flattering! I was so happy! It is short, so it will always need some leggings under it, but since it is a more sweater like material I think it will get the most wear during fall and winter anyway. I am super happy with this dress.

3. Shoes Stylish Surprise-Wild Diva Lounge Delta-04 Boots in Taupe $15


These boots are exactly the color in the photo above and that is a color I do not have. The cute sweater detail with the buckles is also very different from my other boots. They are a soft faux suede and fit perfect. They are also very comfy. I wore them all day at work without breaking them in and my feet still felt great by the end of the day.  I was worried I wouldn’t be wearing these until next fall because it has really warmed up, but we had a big storm and it was the perfect opportunity to not only wear my new raincoat from Target, but to wear these boots with the dress I got in my stylish surprise as well!


Raincoat in Ocean Spray Green


Stylish Surprise Outfit


Back detail 🙂

Overall I’d day this Stylish Surprise was a success! I love my boots and dress and the shirt went to someone who can appreciate it. I will definitely do this again!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than polka dot bows and new clothes,


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5 thoughts on “ModCloth Stylish Surprise

  1. I love that outfit on you and also enjoy your writing so very much! You are such a wonderful and delightful addition to our family. We are definitely blessed!!!!!

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