April Stitch Fix Review

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April has been a beautiful month here in the Northwest! It is also my birthday month; my birthday is on Earth Day! So naturally I wanted to jump on the earthly boho trend wagon. This spring things like fringe, looser fitting dresses, off the shoulder tops, embroidered detail and crochet are all the rage. These trends are far removed from my regular style, but I figured it would be fun to step out of my comfort zone as I turn another year older!

So I turned to Stitch Fix, my favorite fashion subscription box service. If you are just getting to the Stitch Fix party, welcome! I am so glad you are joining us. If you want to learn more about Stitch Fix click on over to my July post and read all about this personal styling service! You can pin some of the outfits while you are there to let your stylist know what you like!

Using Pinterest is a great way to get a good Fix. In Stitch Fix language that means getting them to send you 5 items that match your style, but may push you out of your comfort zone just a little. Your stylist will have access to the board so it really helps them get a visual of what you like! I love updating my Pinterest board with styles from other bloggers, the Stitch Fix Pinterest board and other fashion retailers that have outfits I like. On each pin I explain what I like about that specific pin, this is important, but more about that later. I also try to limit my number of pins on the board to 50. When editing my board I ask myself, “If that came in my Fix, would I be excited?” If the answer is even a maybe I delete the pin. Please pin all the pictures you love from my blog!

My pinning strategies worked for the month of April because my stylist, Jason, nailed it. In my Style Note (you get to create a new one each month with special style requests) I asked for light wash jeans with limited to no distressing, dresses and the spring trends I mentioned above. Let’s see what he sent!

Even my cat, Tom Riddle, loves Stitch Fix and Rocksbox day! You can read more about Rocksbox here and use my code whitneybff162 at checkout for your first month free!

Here is the note Jason wrote me to tell me about the pieces included in the box!


My sweet husband got me a selfie stick/tripod for my birthday and still helped me take some photos on my birthday of the clothes. Also, it was like the best hair day of my life. It was raining when we took the photos on the stairs and then hours later we had sun, so we went back out to finish the pictures and my hair still had volume! Happy birthday to me!

1. Fate Ruby Maxi Dress- Size Large, $78


This dress was light and airy. It had small slits on the side to make it easier to walk in and the colors were beautiful. The dress is lined to just above the knee so the bottom is sheer, which gives the dress a romantic feel. I am 5’7″ and I think this dress was the perfect length for me. There were two things wrong with this dress: 1. it was mostly white-I only have one maxi dress in my closet and it is white. I want another maxi dress, but I want it to be different from the one I already own. 2. It has butterflies in the print. I like butterflies, we are patiently awaiting for our Painted Lady Butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis in my classroom now, but I don’t like wearing them. Sometimes when you wear something specific people begin to associate that thing with you and then you will forever be known as “the butterfly girl” (it has happened to me!) so I try to avoid them. I knew this dress what a hot ticket item on a Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade page so I listed it there and someone snatched it up. So while my receipt shows that I “kept” this, I actually passed it on to someone else!

Anthony’s Take: “It seems kind of grandma, which is not a bad thing, I love my grandma.”

2. Collective Concepts Atalya Cold Shoulder Top- Size Medium, $48


This top was pinned on my Pinterest board like Jason mentioned.  It is made exclusively for Stitch Fix. I loved the print and colors. I have been dying to try the cold shoulder trend because there was a chance it might actually look ok with my broad shoulders. It did! I love this shirt. The colors are perfect for my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale complexion and the neckline it created was flattering. I toyed with the idea of sizing up in this shirt but Anthony convinced me to keep the medium because he thought any larger would look too baggy around my midsection. I loved pairing it with teal earrings to add another bold spring color to the mix and would definitely wear this with a yellow or teal shoe if I had them! I knew this was a keeper.

Anthony’s Take: “That is the most your style out of the whole box.”

3. Liverpool Frankie Printed Cropped Jean-Size 10, $78


I was pretty excited about these pants. I love the idea of having a pretty neutral jean and taking it to the next level by adding a subtle print. I was worried that these might be too short, because they were “cropped” and I have long legs, but they were perfect for me. The fabric is soft with a little stretch. I wore them all day and they did not sag at all. I love the color of the wash and think these will be very versatile in my spring wardrobe. The only thing that seemed a little ill-fitting was the crotch area. There was a little extra fabric that made taking photos in the bright sun hard because it was casting a weird shadow. Had we thought the sun would stick around later in the day (it didn’t) and taken pictures when we were not in direct sun, we would have never noticed it. But if that is my only complaint with a pair of jeans, that isn’t much to complain about. So I kept them.

Anthony’s Take: “Those are weird but they look really good with the pink shirt.”

4. Collective Concepts Blumberg Crochet Trip Top- Size Medium, $58, Light Green


This top is also a Stitch Fix exclusive and was on my Pinterest Board. I tried it with skinnies like Jason suggested and did not find it flattering at all. Note: the fabric is thin, I wore a nude cami under the shirt. I think if the sleeves had been more fitted and it was just a little longer I would have like it. I have a short torso so it is rare for me to find a shirt too short. When I had Anthony take pictures I decided to try styling it like the second outfit on the Style Card above. I don’t have a black printed skirt, but I do have a black printed dress. So I threw on a nude tank over the top of the dress and then the shirt on top of that and got the outfit pictured first. It looks so cute! I would never have styled it that way on my own. I put on my Maisha Ponte Jacket also from Stitch Fix and thought “yay it covers the sleeves and it looks so cute!” But if I was always going to try to cover the sleeves then I didn’t want to keep the top. Someone in the B/S/T group wanted it so I sent it to them only feeling a little regret. Now I want a black and white swing skirt though!

Anthony’s Take: he said nothing about it. At all. I am not sure if that is good or bad.

5. Market & Spruce Carlee Knit Jumpsuit-Size Large, $78, Black


Ok party people. I thought Jason was a little nutso when he said this was begging to be my birthday present. I mean a drawstring waist has never been my friend. But I was wrong. So wrong. Thank you Jason for this comfortable birthday present. This thing is like wearing a giant t-shirt. Even though the open back makes it a little more fancy I told Anthony this may replace leggings as my weekend go-to outfit. I did not want to take this off. This is another Stitch Fix exclusive. I had so much fun styling it and thought it was actually flattering! I wore a lacy bandeau top under it to add some fun to the open back. I want to buy a more smooth bandeau top because the fabric is like a t-shirt and a little thin the lace was a bumpy in the front. This I kept. I am going to wear it to a birthday lunch today and can’t wait to keep wearing it. Forever. This jumpsuit is my new birthday suit.

Anthony’s Take: “That actually looks good on you. You look like you are all legs.”

So Fix #20 made my 28th birthday a very happy one. I “kept” all five things so I got 25% off my order for a total of $235. I sold the dress and the crochet top, so I ended up paying about $120 for the jumpsuit, jeans and cold shoulder top! Since we are trying to keep all of our cash on hand, to close on our house in the next few weeks it was awesome that I had some Stitch Fix Gift Card money to help even more with the cost!

Mother’s Day is coming up so you should definitely consider getting the special mom in your life a Stitch Fix Gift Card. They also carry maternity clothes as well!

Stitch-Fix-Mothers-Day-Gift-Cards-2 (2)

So until next time,

I love you more than cold shoulders and jumpsuit surprises,


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