Happy Mother’s Day

In December my husband and I were married. We still talk about how special it was to have an intimate ceremony surrounded by snow and the ones we love. Lately as we have been reminiscing I have been realizing how special it was to officially bring our families together.

Anthony and I dated for 7 years before we were married. So we were not strangers to each other’s families. But our families had not met or had met only a few times and spent very little time together before the wedding. Looking back on this it seems very strange they did not meet more often because they fit together very well. Both families have animal lovers to the extreme, both families have some eccentric personalities and both families love fiercely.

During our engagement our families got to know one another better and it was immediately apparent that our wedding was going to be full of love, laughter and unexpected moments. When we were getting ready for the wedding itself it became abundantly clear that my mom and Anthony’s sister were cut from the same cloth. The make-up and hair gals were definitely entertained by our pre-wedding topics of conversation.  I don’t think we stopped laughing. The rest of the day was full of the same joy I had sensed when our families first met. It was wonderful!

At the bridal shower my MIL( mother-in-law) hosted for me, I received very special gift. It was a blue bird charm that my MIL had used on her bouquet at her wedding.  Since then she has purchased similar charms for all of her nieces to use in their weddings, but she saved her own and gave it to me. Not only did it represent the blue I needed for the old wedding saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, but it gave me a way to keep a little piece of Anthony’s family with me during the wedding. It showed me that my MIL already accepted me as her own. I had never felt out of place or at odds with Anthony’s family, but in that moment I had never felt more a part of it.

SmithWed _-116

My blue bird charm pinned to my bouquet, you can also see the bracelet I borrowed from my sister Taylor

Then on the day of the wedding my mom surprised me with another good luck charm! This one had a bunch of wedding traditions and a little surprise all on one bedazzled safety pin that we carefully pinned up into my dress.


There was a sixpence, traditionally meant to go in a bride’s shoe for luck, a lucky horseshoe, my baby ring (yes I wore that when I was a tiny baby and yes my mom monitored me so I did not put my finger in my mouth) and a lucky penny from 2015 (the year we were married) with our initials engraved on it. I was very surprised by this and loved it! It was super unique and special because it had my very first ring on it and on the day she gave it to me I’d be putting on a ring I’d wear for the rest of my life.

This sweet good luck charm also reminded me how special a mom is in a child’s life because they have memories of you that you will never have. They were there when your fingers were that small and you depended on them completely for your survival.

Moms are very special. They always try to have your best interest at heart, they look out for you and your friends, they help you learn some of life’s toughest lessons. I have been blessed with many “moms” throughout my life; many of my mom’s friends have always been there for me and love me like their own. This Mother’s Day I officially have two moms; my mom, the creative, loving and sensitive (I thank her for my ability to cry watching a touching commercial on TV) mom I have always known and who has always taken care of me, and my Mother-in-Law, who is always thoughtful, kind and full of wisdom.  I could not be happier to have these two ladies in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to the best moms a girl could ask for.

SmithWed _-121 (1)

Until next time,

I love you more than blue bird wings and baby rings,



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