May Stitch Fix Review-2016 Edition

I am so excited to be sharing my 21st fix with you! My stylist, Jason, hit it out of the park yet again. If you want to learn the basics of Stitch Fix check out my first blog review here ! When writing my note to Jason this month I told him I was dying to try a specific dress (spoiler alert, he sent it!), white outerwear with light fabric and short-sleeved shirts. I let him know my Pinterest had been updated (a must if you’d like to get a fix that reflects your style.) I’ve said it in past blogs, but I will say it again, I think having less pins on your board is better! It gives your stylist a more narrow focus and really allows you to pin only things you really like and want to have hanging in your closet. I also put my favorites near the top (stylists don’t have a ton of time to look) and this seems to be working!

So I already told you Jason delivered in a major way this month.


I like to call this my Stitch Fix Burrito. Those colors look delicious!

When I saw the pretty prints and colors I was worried for my budget. Luckily a Stitch Fix Gift Card was on my birthday list and I got a few! That means last month I didn’t spend any money on Stitch Fix, so that gives me a little wiggle room this month. I am trying to only fill my closest with things I love or pieces that are very versatile. Let’s see what he sent!


My husband, who likes to be called a “noted fashion photographer” now, took most of these pictures and his commentary will be added under each piece for your reading pleasure. Please note, this post contains affiliate links.

1. Collective Concepts Gabriel Tie Waist Dress in Cobalt-Size Large, $88

Collective Concepts Gabriel 1 

Ladies and gent…wait who am I kidding, I’m guessing mostly ladies are reading this, this is the dress I was dying to try. I love the colors and the print. I was hoping this style would be flattering and for the most part it was! It was just too short for my taste as I am 5’7″ with long legs. I felt better when it was styled with tights and my favorite draped jacket (also from Stitch Fix) but it was still a little too short for sitting down to grade papers or leaning over beside a desk.  My other two grievances are: the pockets are a little too low for my high hips and the neckline was too wide to be flattering on me. Ultimately, I decided not to keep it because I didn’t love how it looked without a jacket or cardigan.

Anthony’s take: “Nice.” (yep, that’s all I got)

2. Pixley Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono in Off-White-Size Medium, $48

Pixley Ashton 5

This has been on my Pinterest board since I started receiving Stitch Fix boxes. I love the detail and how feminine it is. I am always looking for white/cream light weight cardigans to go over sleeveless shirts and dresses. I was beyond excited that this was in my box. I paired it with both shirts from this fix and the dress as Jason suggested. I loved the look but decided I needed to size up in order to get the look I want. Did you know Stitch Fix can accomodate size exchanges? Yes they can! If they have it in stock they will send it to you. Here are screen shots of my convo with Stitch Fix about the size exchange for this piece:


This is what I wrote to request the exchange. Send emails to


This auto response lets you know that they got your inquiry. If you don’t get it, try again!


I got the top response about 24 hours after sending my email.


I quickly wrote back saying I wanted the Large (bottom message) and Brittany told me what to do (top message)

I am so glad they have this in a large, it goes with many things I already own. This was my definite keeper this month.

Anthony’s take: “A doily!”

3. See U Soon Murry Embroidery Detail Top in Purple-Size Medium, $64

See U Soon Murry 5

The color of this shirt was enough to make me swoon and it was another piece from my Pinterest board! Also, check out the embroidery detail. Don’t they look like little waving cacti? This made the Arizona part of my heart very happy. I normally don’t go for cap sleeves and flowy tops but I figured why not try it! It isn’t the most flattering top, but it’s not bad! I styled it like the style card suggested (outfit on the left in the picture above) and loved it! I must mention that the jacket, shirt and boyfriend jeans are all Stitch Fix pieces. It is always fun to try on my new pieces with old favorites. This shirt is very pretty, but it is dry clean only and it just seems to casual to take to the cleaners every time it needs to be washed. I sadly sent this back.

Anthony’s take: (I pointed out the embroidered cacti) “I bet that makes you happy, doesn’t it?” Why yes, yes it does.

4. Alice Blue Domenico Tie Back Top in Teal Green-Size Large, $48

Alice Blue Domenico 6

This shirt screams spring! It has a beautiful floral print and a fun tie back! I love unique details when it comes to my clothes. Jason sized me up in this because the fabric is not stretchy. I am so glad he did. I think this fits just how it should! It looks great with a lacy bralette under it or with a cami that pulls out some of the beautiful colors in the shirt. I’d love to wear with orange under it! I took inspiration from the style card and tried both casual and dressed up looks for this shirt. If you are a regular reader, you may remember I sent white pants back to Stitch Fix in February (see post here). Well it is a good thing I did because I found these white capri length pants in my suitcase when repacking some things to hopefully move into our house this weekend. I had forgotten I had them! They were a great stand in for the white skirt on the style card. I also substituted the khaki blazer for the pretty light blue blazer I got from Stitch Fix in March. I loved this top dressed up and styled more casually. It was my 3rd favorite thing in the box this month and financially it didn’t make sense to keep 3 things and send back the other two. I may regret this, but I sent it back.

Anthony’s take: “The back just kind of lays there.” I am not sure what he wanted it to do…

5. Loveappella Carlita Knit Maxi Dress in Black-Size Large, $78

Loveappella Carlita 5

Loveappella Carlita 4

Like Jason said, I had mentioned last month that I liked black maxis with white flowers. I had deleted all my pins that fit this description because I bought a dress like this from ModCloth that I had been eyeing forever. Sadly, that dress didn’t work out (the fabric had no give and the flowers were cream, not white). So I sent it back. It was like dress serendipity when I pulled this soft, beautiful dress out of the box. This is in a competition for “the most comfortable thing I have ever worn” against the jumpsuit I got last month.  I love this dress styled with my trusty jean jacket, crossbody bag (from Stitch Fix of course) and my new hot pink Kendra Scott pendant necklace from Rocksbox. If you want to know more about Rocksbox read here. If you already know about it and want to sign up for a free month, use my code whitneybff162 at checkout. It is totally worth it! Another great part about this dress is that is regular bra friendly (at least for my Victoria’s Secret style bras). Having a maxi with a neutral color scheme is great because you can add all the color you want with accessories. Also this one is nice for ladies about my height or a few inches taller if you want to wear flats with it. I am wearing 3 inch wedges in all the pictures and the length is perfect. After getting so many positive comments on this dress on all my social media accounts this dress was a keeper!

Anthony’s take: “Oh, that’s soft.”

Those are all of my lovely pieces for the month of May. This fix was beautiful and I am already excited to see what Jason sends me next month!

Until next time,

I love you more than spring colors and crocheted flowers,


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