Today My Bridesmaids Are Famous

Copy of SmithWed _-10

So this is my true laughing face (seen throughout the wedding photos numerous times) You probably don’t want to know what we were laughing about.

Copy of Copy of SmithWed _-111 (1)

We decided boots would be best for the snow!

Today has been a wonderful day. It started with Anthony and I signing our loan documents for our house. We are so close to finally having a permanent home of our own. We just have to wait for the title to record and it will be ours. If it happens tomorrow we will be happy campers because we will have three days to move in and clean out our apartment. If not, there will be tears. But anyway, back to my good day.

Getting close to having a house has got me thinking about which wedding photos I want to hang up on the walls. My mother-in-law ordered some beautiful canvases for her house and I am definitely going to get a few for myself. I have been going through photos trying to figure out which ones I want. As I was doing this today I got an email letting me know Azazie featured our wedding on their blog!

Azazie is the online company my bridesmaids purchased their dresses through. I loved the numerous style and color options they had. I loved the convenience of having the dresses sent straight to your home to try out before purchasing. Once we ordered it didn’t take long for the dresses to arrive and they all looked great. If your bridesmaids live in different areas I highly recommend this US company.

So please go check out their blog that features our wedding by clicking the link below:

I answered some questions about how I made decisions for the wedding and there is a little blurb about Anthony and I in the blog as well.

You can also “shop our look” on their website which is pretty exciting. To see what dresses the girls wore just click our picture labeled “Deanna Leigh Photography” and you can see the styles (or similar styles) they chose!

They also have wedding dresses to take a look at too. Even though I am married I still like looking at wedding dresses.

I hope that my wedding photos and words of advice will inspire another bride!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than bridesmaids dresses and blogs hot off the presses,



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