Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This post is not sponsored and the opinions are completely my own.

Father’s Day is right around the corner and dad can be a tough one to shop for. Lucky for me, I have my go to gifts that please my deserving dad every year! These gifts are great for last minute shoppers too because can get to your dad in a snap. So if you have been distracted by the first hints of summer and are without a gift for the upcoming holiday, fret no more, this list is for you!

1. Books

With Amazon Prime getting a last minute book is easy because they offer free, two-day shipping and you can send it straight to  your dad! Or you can often pay a little extra to get it sent next day as well. My dad likes to read, but takes his time with books. He likes to think them over and learn all that he can from them. Because of this I try to limit myself to giving him one or two books per year. This takes a lot of self control because I read books like they’re going out of style and sometimes I need my dad to read them too, so we can discuss them. My dad usually reads nonfiction but I can get him to read fiction if the story is historical or if it feels like it could be real. Here are two recent books I have picked for my dad:

17334495The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin

This is my most recent nonfiction pick for my dad. My dad has always admired TR and I can remember him quoting him throughout my life. I am guessing he, like most of us, did not know much about Taft until reading this. While my dad has been reading this, he often brings up things he has learned and shares them with me in the context of our conversations. He gets a kick out of learning minute details and this book has made him chuckle a time or too. It’s a good one for a history lover. Click here to buy.


One Second After by William R. Forstchen 4922079

This is my most recent fiction pick for my dad. This book is about what would happen if an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)  went off in our atmosphere. Basically all circuits would be fried and we’d all be in big trouble, or dead. I haven’t read this, but my husband has and he loved it. He said it was eye opening and a good story at the same time. I picked it for my dad because he isn’t one to stay caught up on the latest technology and he can appreciate that things made long ago can be the things that help you survive in an event like this. Also, I thought this would be an area of interest for him because he does not know a lot about it. This is part of a series, so if your dad likes it you can get him the next one too!  Click here to buy.

2. Audiobooks 

If your dad doesn’t have much time to sit down and read but loves a good story or likes to learn new things, a gift card for may be just the thing. He can listen to books in the car while he is driving to work or put them on while working around the house! There are many titles to choose from. If your dad likes historical fiction I recommend Pillars of the Earth (or anything by Ken Follett) because the actual books are THICK, I mean doorstop size, but they are sooooo good and not as daunting when they are read to you.  The narrator does different voices which allows you to keep better track of the characters as well. The audible e-gift card can be sent right to your dad’s inbox, so it is great for a last minute gift.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club sends fresh razors to your door every month. You tell them what kind/how many you want and where to send them and they do the rest of the work. You can also add in special shaving creams/gels and lotions too! While I haven’t given this to my dad I have ordered the kits for myself and my husband and love them. They too, can send an e-gift card, or you can just order the box for your dad. It won’t arrive before Father’s Day, but it will be a welcome surprise in the mail in the coming weeks.

4. Universal Yums or Other Snack Subscription Boxes

I am a huge fan of subscription boxes because they allow me to try new things.  I love a good new snack and so does my dad. There are a ton of snack boxes out there, but Universal Yums is special because they curate a box of snacks and candies from a different country every month. I have been consistently ordering this box for my dad for about 2 years now because he loves it! He saves the wrappers of the snacks to show his students and loves telling me about the different things he has tried. This is what he is getting again this Father’s Day. They have different price ranges to choose from so this makes a great gift. The box will ship after your order, so it won’t arrive in time for Father’s Day, but I always let my dad know it is headed his way.

There you have it, my quick, last minute guide to Father’s Day gifting. Do you have any go to gifts for dad? What are you getting your dad this year?

Until next time,

I love you more than historical fiction and snacks from a foreign kitchen,



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