June 2016 Stitch Fix Review

Fix #22 is the first box I have received from Stitch Fix and while not everything is going to work for me I am still thrilled with the items that were sent this month. If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is you can click over and read my very first post about Stitch Fix  from July of 2015 to learn the ins and outs of this clothing service.

Here is a quick recap for those of you who are thinking about trying the service: You sign up to receive a fix on their website stitchfix.com. If you click through the links on this blog post to sign up it helps support my blog at no extra cost to you! After you have signed up you fill out a style profile, make a Pinterest board so they can see what your style is like, write a note to with any needs/requests to your personal stylist, pay a $20 styling fee and then wait for your fix to arrive. When it gets to you it will contain five items picked by your stylist and you get to try them on at home before deciding which ones to keep and which to send back in a prepaid envelope. If you love them all, you will receive a 25% on everything in the box. Your $20 styling fee will be credited towards anything you purchase. If you don’t buy anything you are out the $20. At check out you can give feedback on the items and what you liked and didn’t like about them.

So now onto the goodies. This month I finally got my clothes out of boxes and into my closet in a ROY G BIV arrangement and I noticed I have A LOT of blue. Like a third of my closet is blue. So I checked the blue and navy boxes on the Stitch Fix style quiz to let them know I did not want anymore blue this fix. I needed to bulk up on other colors.



With that out of the way I told my stylist I was really looking for some mint and bright orchid to add to me closet. I needed a dress/outfit for my 10 year high school reunion next month and was still looking to add short or 3/4 sleeves to my closet. I updated my Pinterest with about 45 pins that reflected things I was liking and waited for my fix to arrive.

Look at that colorful Stitch Fix burrito! Right away I saw the orchid and mint that I had mentioned I wanted. My stylist, Jason, has been styling me for almost a year. Before that I had a different stylist every time but I loved how Jason checked my Pinterest and put in items he knew would be out of my comfort zone so I requested to keep him as my stylist. If you find a stylist you like send an email to hello@stitchfix.com and ask them to put a note in your file that you’d like to stay with that stylist.

Ok, back to the burrito. I was dying to find out what Jason had picked for me. Here is what his note said:


So there you have it folks, I make it fun and interesting. Gotta love it. Jason always hits it out of the park with his notes and really personalizes each fix to my tastes and requests. He almost always sends something from my Pinterest too!

Now let’s see those clothes! P.S. my new house is apparently a great place to take pictures and we got a lot of good ones this time, so please enjoy the picture smorgasbord below. We started in the backyard because it was sunny, but then it started to pour for the rest of the time! My husband was a trooper and decided we should keep going even with the bad weather (thank goodness for overhangs).

1. Collective Concepts Macnair Crochet Detail Top-$64.00, Size Medium, Yellow


This is the top I had just pinned when Jason was putting together my fix. I am so glad he included it. The bright lemon yellow color is so cheerful and is like nothing I have in my closet. Unfortunately this shirt runs SMALL. I would say it fit more like a small than a medium, or as some like to call it, a smedium. It was gapping all over the place, and I am not a busty lady. In the pictures the gapping at the buttons does not look as bad as it did in real life. This shirt makes me so happy even though it looks awful so I emailed Stitch Fix to see if they had a bigger size and I am waiting to hear back. I paired it with my Liverpool Frankie Printed Cropped Jean from my April 2016 fix and my new Coconuts by Matisse “Falls” sandal, which are out of stock right now, but are my new obsession. They took some time to break in but are now comfy. My tote is made by Pendleton Woolen Mills, an Oregon company.

Anthony’s take: “I don’t think a smedium is the right size for you and a smedium is a dumb size anyway. Boy clothes don’t have smediums.”

2. BRIXON IVY Medina Stretch Lace Dress-$68.00, Large, Fuchsia 



I added this mostly because Tom Riddle was so ready for the picture. Cutie boy.

This might be the softest lace I have ever felt. I could not believe how soft it was. Usually I am not a lace fan because it is scratchy. I love the color of the dress and was surprised it was not as unflattering as I was expecting. Jason mentioned it might be too short, but I think for a special occasion, like a reunion, its ok for dresses to be a little shorter. Mainly, I was not comfortable with how close this hugged my stomach. And the zipper was not my favorite. Because this dress has a faux belt detail it was hard to get the zipper up. Also, back zippers rarely work for me because I am so short-waisted. You can see in the behind photo that the fabric puckers and bunches at my natural waistline. But lots of ladies love this dress and the minute I posted a box reveal on the Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group someone asked to buy it. So this dress will have a happy home, just not with me.

Anthony’s Take: “Why can’t they just put in a jacket zipper. This zipper is worthless. We all know there is a zipper there, just put in one that works. The color looks nice on you though.”

3. Pixley Delores Zipper Detail Maxi Skirt-$68.00, Large, Black


Dressed down for the beach


This little number makes me want to write a poem titled “Ode to a Maxi Skirt.” I absolutely love it. The tapered shaped with a zipper detail makes it sleek and a little sexy. The material feels like the softest, stretchiest, thickest bathing suit you can imagine. It is so comfortable I don’t even care that is attracts cat hair. This was a keeper for sure. I had so much fun dressing it down with a chambray and crochet detail tie waist tank, sun hat, my Olive Urban Expressions Avenue Nylon Backpack from Stitch Fix and sandals from Old Navy. But then it was business time, which meant white button up and blazer for the win. It looks so good either way. I love this thing so much you will see it with each of the remaining items from this fix.

Anthony’s Take: “Now that is an awesome zipper. That’s how all girl’s clothes zippers should be, other than the fact that the zipper is not necessary for this skirt. Its funny that they put the functional zipper in the one that doesn’t need it.”

4. Loveappella Liette Embroidery Detail Knit Top-$48.00, Medium, Pink


I was very skeptical of this shirt because it reminded me of something I would have worn in middle school. I love the color, I think it was the embroidery detail that threw me off. When I put it on I realized right away it was too long for my short body, but the fabric was oh-so soft. The long length could be remedied by tucking it in, or knotting it up! The outfits in which I styled it that way made me change my mind about the shirt. I paired it with my Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket and  Kut From the Kloth Corynne Distressed Boyfriend Short from Stitch Fix as well as the Pixley skirt from this fix. I am trying to sell this in the Facebook B/ST group, but if I can’t sell it I will keep it if I get a bigger size in the yellow shirt and send it back if I don’t.

Anthony’s take: “That is $48?!?!” (raises eyebrows)

5. Skies are Blue Cauly Allover Print Knot Detail Knit Top-$48.00, Medium, Mint



When I pulled this out of the box I thought, “There is no way I am keeping this.” I thought the neckline would be too high to be flattering and the print was not my favorite. When I put it on I was pleasantly surprised. The cutouts at the neckline gave the shirt an interesting detail and made it more flattering. Even though the shirt was a tighter fit than I usually like I thought it looked good! Once the print was on, it didn’t seem as busy and I loved the colors. This is a huge reason why I love Stitch Fix, they often send you things you’d never try on in a store and most of the time you end up loving them. This shirt was one of those items and went into the keeper pile. I can’t wait to wear it with my white pants this summer and a jean jacket and colored cardigans this fall!

Anthony’s take: “Your outfit looks inspired by Japan.” (referring to the shirt paired with the black skirt)

So there you have it, Fix #22 is in the books and it was another good one. Jason met all of my requests this month and sent me some great stuff. Next month will be the one year anniversary of having Jason as my stylist! To see more of my Stitch Fix fashion and follow my summer adventures you can follow me @whitksmith on twitter and instagram.

Until next time,

I love you more than surprising shirts and must have skirts,



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