Summer Recap

Way back in June I decided to make a Summer To-Do List filled with fun things I could do during my first summer back in Oregon. Today is the last day of my summer, because school starts tomorrow, so I decided to revisit my Summer To-Do List and see how I did! You can read the original post here.

  1. Pick lots of berries-You better believe I did this. Not only did I go to a U-Pick Farm with my sister I also went to a U-pick blueberry farm with my friends who were visiting from Arizona, then went back by myself, and also picked tons of blackberries on my walks near my house. Yes, this summer was bursting with berries, and I loved it.

  1. Make jam-My sister and I used the berried we picked and made Strawberry Rhubarb Jam! For our first time canning we did pretty well, especially since every store we went to was almost our of rhubarb. Next summer we want more rhubarb tartness and less strawberry sweetness. 
  2. Go to the beach at least once per month-I am happy to report that this was a success. In June, I went to Pacific City and Tillamook when my friends from AZ were visiting. I had been to Tillamook plenty of times, but had never been to Pacific City since it is not on highway 101. Let me tell you, the beach there was gorgeous and the beer and food at the Pelican Brewery were delicious. I am excited to go back.

    In July, Anthony and I headed down the coast to my hometown, Brookings, for my ten year high school reunion. Not many people showed up but I had a blast with those who did and the weather was gorgeous. 

    In August we went to Gearhart and Seaside for a few days to stay with Anthony’s family. The first day we were there we got to spend a lot of time with the newest, 6 week old, member of our family and his almost two year old sister. It was very special. We also ate tons of saltwater taffy, played on a swing set at the beach and ate the best sourdough clam chowder bread bowls EVER. 

  3. Plant something- Well, I planted things, and they grew. But the deer ate all of my sunflowers, morning glories, squash and wildflowers. Stinking deer. We will need to build a fence before we plant a garden next spring. I did manage to get a few blueberries off of my bush in the front yard and grew basil like crazy in my window garden inside!
  4. Get a flag holder and flag mounted on our house- Yessssss! I got this one down times 2 and love seeing our gorgeous flags blowing in the wind. 
  5. Start a good exercising routine again-I started up my Daily Burn account in June and did this pretty regularly through July, but when August hit it was too hot in the house to turn on the electronics or jump around all over the place. I was able to take many walks this summer and even got a tan line from my exercise shirts! I am really going to try to keep it up during the school year. 
  6. Get outside every day-I was pretty good about this as well. I know I left my house every day, but some days it was only for a few minutes and on others I spent the whole day outside. I feel so much happier when I get outside, even in the rain, so I definitely need to keep this one going. 
  7. Have a house warming BBQ-We did this too! We invited our family over for a pulled pork and baked potato party and had a blast! Our house was filled to capacity and we are still eating leftover baked potatoes in everything from egg scrambles to soup, but we had so much fun. We borrowed folding tables from family and I got some chairs from craigslist to make it happen since we don’t have dining room furniture and it worked out perfectly! It really made me want to get a deck built out back so we have more room to entertain.
  8. BBQ three times per week: This we did not do. We cooked on the grill, but not as often as I would have liked. But just because the rainy season is coming, doesn’t mean we have to stop grilling! 
  9. Ride a bike-I didn’t have a chance to do this either. When we visited my parents we loaded my car with so much other stuff that there was not room for my bike! So now, this too, will have to wait until I can get my hands on a bike.
  10. Visit Enchanted Forest-Ok, so we hit the point in the list that I totally failed. We did not visit Enchanted Forrest, but we learned that they have been members of the organization my husband works for for over 30 years! So we definitely have to check it out. 
  11. Attend events/festivals around the Salem area-We went to the Oregon Jamboree, a country music festival that my family has been going to for 10 years now. There was a lot of good music, food and the biggest ice cream I have ever seen. It took three of us to finish it! Hopefully I  will be headed to more festivals this fall! 
  12. Order wedding pictures and hang some of them up-Well I jumped the gun on that one and posted that we got decorations up under number 7. So yes, we did this! It took so excellent communication skills to get the pictures up on the wall just the way I wanted them, but now I love the finished look. The A&W and light up tree are decorations from our wedding and the tree is sitting one some gorgeous books. Here is a closer look. 


    Decorations up!

  13. Make Homemade ice cream-Nope. I didn’t get around to making ice cream. Towards the end of the summer Anthony and I started counting our calories because our clothes were getting a little too tight. So the last ice cream we had was the HUGE one at the Oregon Jamboree. 
  14. Go camping-We slept in my mom and dad’s travel trailer when we to Brookings in July and we slept in the back of my car on the folded down seats during the Oregon Jamboree, so does that count? We never made it to the wilderness. Maybe next summer. 
  15. Have a picnic-We have taken our food outside a few times this summer and did not have a bug problem whoop-whoop! I am hoping for some Indian summer days ahead so maybe we can get another picnic in before the rain comes. 
  16. Go wine or beer tasting (or both)-We haven’t done an actual wine tastings this summer, though I have tasted a lot of wine, Willamette Valley Vineyards Rose anyone? I did a ton of beer tasting though because I finally like beer! Well, not all of it, but there are some I will drink! Hooray for growing adult taste buds! 

    IMG_7727 (3)

    Gilgamesh, a local Salem Brewery 

  17. Find a way to get involved and give back in my community-I volunteered at Vacation Bible School at my church which landed me a subbing position in the four year old class on Sundays! I thought it couldn’t get any better but, I asked Anthony if he’d like to help me and he said yes! So now we help in the fours class together and I couldn’t be happier. I never imagined he would actually want to do it! We have been having a blast with the Sunday School kiddos. IMG_8624
  18. Paint my front door-Sadly, my door is still a horrible color. I had a guy come out and do an estimate, picked a color and kept in contact with him. He told me I would be put on the wait-list and I have not heard anything! I am pretty bummed, but know I should just start over with another company. Any recommendations for painters in the Salem, OR area? 
  19. Explore someplace new-YES-my summer was filled with exploration. I went hiking near Multonomah Falls, went to the High Desert Mueseum (I had been there before a long time ago), explored some little towns around Salem, went to a gorgeous house for a fundraiser, hit the beach at Pacific City, visited Gearhart, spent time with family playing in the fountains in Wilsonville, the list could go on and on. This summer was very busy, between work and spending time with family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

    Even though I didn’t check everything off my list I’d say I had a pretty successful summer. Now it is time to go pick out my school clothes for the week and get to thinking about fall.


    Until next time,

I love you more than summer days drifting away and uh-oh those summer nights,



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