September 2016 Stitch Fix Review

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Fall is in the air and I could not be happier! Not only does fall bring football, baking and gorgeous foliage, it brings the cutest, coziest clothes. I think fall is my best clothing season. The rich jewel tones look good on my pale skin and the conservative cuts are more flattering on my body type. So you better believe that I was pretty excited for my September Stitch Fix box to arrive.

If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, head back to my first review and read all about the reasons why I am addicted to this style curating service. Here are the basics: Fill out a style and size profile at to let your personal stylist know what you like (you even get to send a note to your stylist highlighting what you are looking for), link a Pinterest board with pins that demonstrate your style (here is mine-I update it every month), pay $20 styling fee that will be credited towards any purchase you make and sit back while your stylist sends a box of delightful clothing items and accessories your way. When the box arrives try on the pieces in the comfort of your own home and think about what you’d like to keep for three days! Then send the pieces you don’t want back in the prepaid envelope, or keep it all and get 25% off your purchase! Its simple, fun and addicting.

Check out what I asked Jason, my stylist, for this month:


As you can see I gave him a lot to work with. I have found I get my best fixes when I keep less that 50 pins on my Pinterest board, only pin clothes I’d love to have and give my stylist options. Jason has been styling me for over a year because I requested to keep him as my permanent stylist by emailing

Here is what Jason sent:


Burrito of Beauty


I was a little bummed at first about not getting a bag or shoes but then these gorgeous leather Sam Edelman boots in grey went on a major sale and I got mine for $51 and I snapped them up (mine are wide calf, regular is available too)! I am still waiting for the perfect fall bag, but the clothes Jason sent were too beau-ti-fall for me to be sad for long. Let’s take a closer look!

Edyson Mayfare Bootcut Jean-Navy, Size 10, $98


The price on these pants made me want to cry. I have never paid that much for jeans. But, I have never had bootcut jeans that had a long enough inseam and then some. I am 5’7″ but have loooooong legs. In the pictures above I am wearing a 2 inch heel and the pants are too long! In my world that is crazy talk. So yeah, I kind of love these jeans. I wore them with two items from this fix so you will see more pictures of them on later in the post. They make my butt look good and my legs look long. They seem to have the right amount of stretch, but held their shape through the whole photoshoot. I am keeping these very expensive, beautiful, long jeans.

2. Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater-Beige, Size Medium, $58



This is a Stitch Fix Fall favorite. A lot of the ladies on the Stitch Fix Buy, Sell and Trade group I belong to on Facebook go crazy over this. I’m not kidding. I just posted the picture of the folded clothes on the board and someone could ID the sweater when it was FOLDED UP and asked to buy it!  Lucky for me, that is exactly what I wanted to happen. While I am in love with the elbow patches and cute button back, the overall cut  and color were not super flattering on me. I am starting to think that I am just not a sweater gal. Maybe Jason can prove me wrong in a later fix, but this sweater was not for me. It looks cute styled wit the jeans from this fix. If you like sweaters that look like your grandpa wore them (I do!) and they look good on you (not me) then request this puppy. It is super soft and is not solid beige, it has little flecks of black that make even more grandpa-y (yes that’s a thing, and yes it is a look I like).

3. Laju Balla Cargo Vest-Olive, Size Medium, $88



Well folks, the most adorable, versatile, soft, expensive vest has arrived. My love for vests started last fall and I have been wanting an olive cargo/utility vest since then. Did I want to pay $88 for a vest? No. Did this particular vest make me want to pay $88 for it? Yes. Yes and yes. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the neckline, but looking back on the pictures I think it looks great. I decided to style this more casually with a striped shirt and the bootcut jeans from above. I am wearing 3 inch wedges in these pictures and the pants are the perfect length. I also have on an adorable necklace I won in a Stitch Fix accessories contest and think it adds just the right touch to this casual, cute and comfy outfit. Don’t worry my friends, this vest will make appearances with the last two pieces in this fix as well. Its the vest that won’t quit and I’m keeping it.

4. Le Lis Roanna Knit Dress-Navy, Size Large, $74


This dress was pinned on my Pinterest board becuase I am super into florals; especially light flowers on a dark background. This navy dress also has tiny cute cutout details at the hem which add a little something extra. It is a pull on dress so it has a little bit of stretch. I love that the sleeves are to my elbows. No visible arm pudge here! I love that it is easy to mix patterns with it by adding leopard print shoes! I love that it looks cute styled more casually with the cargo vest and sneakers. But it was too tight across my stomach for me to keep it. I am wearing spanx in these pictures and know I wouldn’t be comfortable without them, which limits how often I would wear this. You do not want to see the belly pooch pics from the side. Luckily, I found  someone that wanted to try this out and she bought it from me!

5. Moon River Ora Faux Suede Skirt-Burnt Orange, Size Large, $64






This was my “Jason surprise”skirt and I couldn’t be more surprised by how much I love it. At first I was thinking, “Who needs a burnt orange skirt?” But after trying this on and styling it I started thinking, “Everyone needs a burnt orange skirt.” This skirt is so soft, a little stretchy and it was surprisingly easy to style. My first thought was to pair it with blue because orange and blue are complimentary colors and I think they look amazing together! So I threw on my softest Target chambray shirt and fringed shoes from Nordstrom. I topped the look off with more blue with my bag. This gorgeous light blue bag was another accessory I won in the Stitch Fix accessory contest. They really hooked me up; the bracelet I am wearing came from them too! Then I put the button back sweater and cargo vest from this fix back on and paired the resulting outfit with boots from Aerosoles. I think they are both equally adorable. I’d say this skirt runs a little big as it was loose on me. I am trying for a size exchange (you can do it at checkout now!) but will keep it either way. I cannot wait to think of more ways to wear this.

If you are keeping score I decided to keep everything which means I get 25% off the total bill. That brought the total down from $382 to $266.50. Don’t forget your $20 styling fee is credited towards your purchase! I decided to sell 2 items that were not quite right for me and kept the other three items for a total out of my pocket of $167.50 for an average of $55.83 per piece.

I LOVED this fix. My closet is feeling ready for fall now. What are your favorite trends for fall? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @whitksmith for more outfit inspiration!

Until next time,

I love you more than bootcut jeans and olive green,



Tom was ready for his close-up!

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15 thoughts on “September 2016 Stitch Fix Review

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  3. I happened to run across your post while researching a couple Stitch Fix items I received. I generally get my jeans at Old Navy. Online, they have longs (35″ inseam?) and talls (36″ insteam). I’m 5’9″ and the talls are usually a bit long for me. Much cheaper than your new pair! 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting!I tried some pants on in person at Old Navy a few months back and didn’t love the fit, but their return policy is excellent so I feel like their long length jeans may be in my future!

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