Stitch Fix Men is Here!

~This post contains affiliate links through which I may be compensated. All opinions are my own, and in this case, my husband’s.~

I have been receiving shipments of gorgeous clothes and accessories from Stitch Fix for over two years now. For the last year my husband has been kind enough to take pictures of me in the clothes so I can share them with my readers. This month my husband stepped out from behind the camera and let me take pictures of him to help announce the launch of Stitch Fix Men.

That’s right, now the men in your life can enjoy the same convenience of having a personally curated box of clothing and accessories sent straight to their door. Your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or co-worker may not know they need this in their lives, but they do.

I thought I hated shopping for clothes, but my husband takes it to the next level. He doesn’t go into stores. He buys the same pair of black pants and Nordstrom brand dress shirt over and over again. When I heard Stitch Fix was launching the Men’s side of their website I could not wait to sign Anthony up. I wasn’t sure I could convince him to fill out the “Style Profile” that allows your stylist to tailor the box to your particular taste, so I decided to surprise him and filled out the profile myself and keep his first fix a secret.

The men’s profile is very different from the women’s and includes color swatches and sample outfits that help the man filling it out to pinpoint the exact types of things they would wear. I really appreciated it because I could imagine Anthony in each of the outfits and when I burst into laughter I knew that was a style I should not pick. There is also a place on the profile to describe the types of clothes you like. I mentioned the brands/styles my husband always purchases and his love of comfortable clothing.

After the profile is filled out, you get a chance to write a note to your stylist and let them know what you would like to see in the box. I mentioned sweaters/sweatshirts, socks, and casual shirts. Then I sat back and kept my Stitch Fix secret.

Two weeks later, this little beauty showed up:


The first thing Anthony said when he saw the box sitting on the counter was, “I don’t like what I am seeing. A Stitch Fix box with my name on it…”


But once he started opening the box I knew he liked it. The Stitch Fix Men’s box is accented with dark green instead of light aqua. The clothes are wrapped in butcher paper instead of white tissue paper. All of these things were noticed by Anthony which means he liked them.

Then we got to this:


Anthony said, “I do not want compliments. I don’t want anybody to notice anything has changed. And I do not want a stylist. I don’t want style, I want clothes. They need to think of a better name for the people who pick out the men’s clothes.” So I told him to come up with one, and he did, “Apparel Consultant.” I actually really like it; it does sound more masculine. Take note Stitch Fix, Anthony wants an Apparel Consultant.

At this point I was dying to see what he thought of the clothes inside the box.

Here is his note from, Jennifer, the Apparel Consultant *cough* stylist, who picked out his box.


Since this is his first fix the note is pretty generic. As a stylist gets to know you, the notes become more personalized. Remember, if you get a stylist you like you should email and ask to keep them.

Now this is where I about peed my pants from surprise. After going through the box, Anthony said, “We can do the photoshoot this weekend.” Whaaaaat? I didn’t even have to beg on my knees to get him to model the clothes? He must like the stuff enough to show it off! So, now for your viewing pleasure, my handsome husband, noted fashion photographer, in his first ever Stitch Fix clothes!

1. Mavi Zach Straight Leg Pant-Olive, Size 34, $98


These were so soft and Anthony even commented about how nice they felt. The color was great, very neutral. Not to mention I have been trying to get him to wear these gorgeous brown shoes more often and they looked great with the pants. But as soon as he put the pants on I knew he wouldn’t like them. They were cut too tight. He prefers a wide leg and looser fit because he hates to feel restricted. While the fit at the waist was perfect, the cut was just not his style. So back they went.

2. Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt-Navy, Large, $58



Anthony paired this shirt with the Mavi pants like his “apparel consultant” suggested and they looked fine together. The shirt was a lighter weight than the Nordstrom dress shirts he usually wears and felt pretty casual. He said it was “soft, but not in a good way. It didn’t have the crispness I like in a button up shirt.” We both appreciated the button down collar because I mentioned in his profile he only wears that style. The color and cut were flattering, but it seemed a little too short to tuck in. He also tried rolling up the the sleeves (they were a little too long and he likes to wear his shirts like that way anyway) and he noticed the fabric had a white line on the inside that would have shown. Ultimately this shirt wasn’t anything special and Anthony said, “I like my shirts to take me from work to weekend.” I’m not kidding, that is a direct quote. So this weekend wear went back.

Alternative Apparel Champ Fleece Sweatshirt-Navy, Large, $50



I wanted to keep this sweatshirt for myself. Soft does not begin to even cover they way this felt. I loved the color and it looks so good with these old grey jeans I found in a stack of clothes on Anthony’s side of the closet. These jeans are more the style he likes to wear, but are a bit baggy for my taste. I loved the casual look of the sweatshirt and so did Anthony. The collar was a little too loose and the end of the sleeves were a little tight. I love when Anthony wears sweatshirts and wanted them to send him a new one since he only has a few old ones on rotation. So I was very happy to see this. Anthony liked it too, but could not get over the lack of a hood. So this too went back.

4. Stance Richmond Classic Crew Light 2-Pack Socks-Black, $20



Well I do not have a picture of these in the original packaging because Anthony decided he wanted to keep them right away. I figured I could still get some pictures because normally he likes to wash everything before he wears it. Not these socks. He wore them right away and we have already washed them. So, the socks were a huge success. Anthony said, “They are just the right thickness and just the right stretchiness.” We will be requesting more when he gets another box (yes, he wants to try Stitch Fix again.)

5. Flag & Anthem Berkshire Puffer Vest-Red, Large, $79.50



Apparently my obsession with vests stretches to men’s vests as well. I loved this vest the minute I saw it. The red and navy combo is one I love and the little bit of plaid on the collar was such a nice detail. It fit Anthony very well and he really liked it too. I knew once I saw the price there would be no way to convince Anthony to keep it. He just didn’t think he would wear it enough to justify buying it. I googled the vest and found it on a few websites, so you better believe I will be stalking them to see when it goes on sale.

Even though he only kept the socks Anthony felt like the items sent were all
close to his style. The quality was excellent. He would like to get another box and even has an idea of the items he would want them to send. I am so glad Anthony enjoyed his first experience with Stitch Fix! It was as much fun for me to watch him un-box and try on his stuff as it is when I get a box myself. Which is good, because I ordered this box in lieu of my October box, so my fix obsession has been satisfied.

If Anthony can enjoy the convenience of Stitch Fix, the men in your life can do it too! Click here to sign yourself, or some you know, up today!

Until next time,

I love you more than new socks and my husband’s first Stitch Fix box,


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