November Stitch Fix Review

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This month I put my own Stitch Fix obsession on hold, but my sweet sister has recently jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon (I may have poked and prodded her to try it) and gave me permission to share her second fix on my blog! Thanks sis!

If you are already a Stitch Fix veteran but know someone who would benefit from the convenience of receiving a box of clothes and accessories picked just for them based on their style profile a Stitch Fix Gift Card may be just what they need! Right now Stitch Fix serves men and women sizes XS-XL (including petite and maternity sizes for women) but I spotted some good news on the Stitch Fix website; they will start offering plus sizes in Spring 2017! So give someone (and their wardrobe) a pick me up this holiday season and give them a gorgeous Stitch Fix Gift Card.

You can print or link this blog post when you give it to them with their gift card so they can learn just what to do to get started! These tips come straight from the Stitch Fix website.

  1. Fill out your Style Profile
  2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment
  3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home.
  4. Buy what you like and return the rest in a prepaid envelope. Receive 25% off if you keep everything.
  5. Tell Stitch Fix what you think! Give detailed feedback at checkout so your stylist can get to know you better before your next fix! You can decide at checkout whether or not you’d like to have Fixes shipped automatically, or have control of when they are sent.

Now on to my sister, Taylor’s, November Fix!

Her stylist this time was Jason, the same stylist I have! She requested him when she was reviewing her first fix and Stitch Fix came through. If you find a stylist you like, make sure to request them again at checkout or by emailing otherwise you might have a different stylist the next time you receive a fix.

Taylor asked for light layers, bright colors, army green or mustard pants and modest clothing for work (she is a counselor at a high school).

Let’s see what she got!



1. BRIXON IVY Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater-Grey, Size Small, $58



This sweater fits her quite well and the lacey elbow patches are adorable. She said it was soft, but ultimately it didn’t wow her. So she sent it back.

2. RD Style Harriette Cowl Neck Sweater-Tan, Size Small, $78


I am all about the rounded bottom of this sweater. Both my sister and I agree that the color isn’t our idea of winter warmth. Taylor also said the cowl neck was a little low for her taste and that the sweater was not as comfortable as it looked. So she sent it back.

3. DV8 Aura Floral Perforated Flats-Yellow, Size 8, $70


While I was excited by the prospect of mustard flats when I read Taylor’s note. I love mustard, but need the right shade for it to look good on me, so having shoes in that color might be a great option. The shape of the toe was not my style, nor was it Taylor’s, so these were sent back as well. Also, perforation in an Oregon winter is not really a good idea.

4. Pixley Eve Floral Skirt-Soft Orange, Size Small, $64



This skirt is gorgeous and is very much my sister’s style. The vibrant colors can be styled in many different ways and I love both of the outfits she put together with it. You can see the perforated flats she was sent in this box in the top pictures and they look cute! The length of this skirt is an added bonus because it is work appropriate! Needless to say, Taylor kept this piece. I am glad she did.

5. Margaret M Lucie Printed Trim Detail Straight Leg Paint-Olive, Size Small, $98



These pants are what Stitch Fix dreams are made of. The olive color is so perfect. The subtle polka dot print is fun but still professional. The seam detail adds a long lean line to the pants. I love them. Taylor loved them. Heck, even Anthony liked them when I showed him. Even with the steep price tag, these were too perfect not to keep. I may have to pin them myself…

So there you have it! Taylor’s second Stitch Fix box was a 2/5 but the 2 pieces she kept were amazing staples for her wardrobe. I loved that Jason was able to pick up on the differences in mine and Taylor’s style, which proves that he is excellent at his job, as I had always suspected. I was almost as excited when she got her Fix as when I get mine, and that is a lot of excitement. I cannot wait for my next box, and hers too!

What do you think of Taylor’s fix? Have any questions about Stitch Fix? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

I love you more than Stitch Fix sharing and polka dot wearing,





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