Snow Day


I woke up to my Flash Alert app and text messages from my co-workers letting me know that school had been cancelled due to the weather. When I looked out my window I saw…nothing. I thought, well I do live 20 miles from the school so maybe the weather is worse over there. I checked my ever faithful weather app and nope, still nothing.

I was annoyed. I had not finished prepping for next week; lessons needed to be planned and copies had to be made! My classroom was a mess (something I never like to come back to on a Monday). Most importantly, my students NEED their caroling practice. The sweet little things have been really into the holiday spirit this year and already participated in Operation Christmas Child . After that was a success, they came up with the idea to carol at a local assisted living facility. While their hearts are in the right place, my ears have been adjusting to the sounds of 17 kids trying to sing lyrics they think they know, but really they are just mumbling nonsense and then singing the chorus REALLY loudly.

So looking outside to see no snow, on this “snow day” was turning this jolly little elf into a regular old Scrooge. Eventually we got a light dusting of snow, but by 10:30 I was ready to take a chance and head to the school to get my work done. I have never driven in snow, but there wasn’t much and the temperature was staying right around 33 and was only predicted to increase as the day went on. I jumped in my trusty Rav 4 and made it to school, where there was absolutely no snow. Snow much for a snow day (haha).

Then I started thinking about why schools decided to cancel before the weather even got started, and I got grouchier because all I could think about was how litigious our society has become. I mean, they had to cancel because of “liability” right? So I got my work done and drove home on wet roads with not a patch of ice to be found. I was feeling so rebellious against the idea of a “stay at home snow day” at this point, that I went to Trader Joe’s and bought mushroom brie and crackers and bacon wrapped dates and Jingle Jangle and all the good stuff. Take that, snow day!

When I got home I snuggled in on the couch to watch Episode 2 of the recent Year in the Life of The Gilmore Girls, still grouchy about our overeager society who claims everything as a mageddon or __________ gate of some kind. As my heart was shrinking from this nonsense, I went from being Scrooge-like to downright Grinchy-You’re a mean one Mrs. Smith (if you didn’t see that coming and didn’t have time to sing that to the tune of this delightful song go back and do it, its worth it.)

So to make myself even more of a Grinchy Woman I turned to social media. I was expecting stories of people angry at the schools who decided to stay open, of people who were daunted by the weather outside. Instead I saw posts about families spending extra time together, baking a batch of cookies, watching Christmas movies all snuggled up, playing in what little snow there was and so many smiling faces. I saw love.

And guess what? My heart grew back to its normal size, two sizes too big as Anthony likes to call it. I was happy for the snow day because for lots of kids it meant a little extra love. For lots of parents who had nice bosses that let them go home early it meant more time to show their kids why this time of year is special. Because even a sprinkle of snow holds some magic in it.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for this snow day because it has put me back in the holiday spirit. It is time for me to focus less on getting things done and more on loving those around me. Plus, the elderly folks we are singing to are likely hard of hearing and will just think the kids are cute no matter how awful they sound. I know I will, because their tender hearts are yearning to make someone smile with the gift of a song.

If you are not as cute as a kid and caroling isn’t in your future you can give a gift to someone in need this holiday season as well. Below I will link to my favorite charities (all highly rated) that I give to regularly. I never have a lot to give after paying my student loan bills, but I try to always give something. Every little bit helps and inspires others to give as well. Feel free to share my blog on your social media pages to inspire those in your networks.

  1. The Salvation Army: To me those Red Kettles inspire hope and offer many a second chance. I love seeing them every year in grocery stores and malls and always try to put something in. This year I started my own Red Kettle Fundraiser and have a goal of $500 to help people in need locally. I would be very grateful if you helped us out and put a little in my virtual Red Kettle.
  2. Food For the Poor: This is not local, but very necessary. So many people around the world go to sleep hungry and that should not happen. With your donations more people will be able to eat this upcoming year.
  3. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital: I have been donating to St. Jude’s since 2010 when my sister asked me to for her sorority’s philanthropy. While my sister was in college she raised a tremendous amount of money for cancer research and I am so proud of her for it. I continue to donate because of the hope new treatments give to these hurting families.

Thanks for taking the time to read my snow day ramblings and to support these charities.

Until next time,

I love you more than holiday giving and snow day quibbling,



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