These Are a Few of My Favorite Things-Stitch Fix Edition

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The end of 2016 is drawing nigh and that means bloggers around the world will be sharing their year in review and lots of lists. I love lists and judging other people by their “favorites” so I will be participating in these end of year blogging festivities. That means you can judge me based on my favorites! Woo-hoo, here we go!

I wanted to start my list making fun off with my favorite online subscription box, Stitch Fix. I have been receiving Stitch Fix for over two years now and it has really helped me develop my personal style. This year I received 8 fixes (boxes from Stitch Fix with five clothing and/or accessories in each) and kept 19 of the 40 pieces they sent me. My personal stylist, Jason, always sends amazing clothes according to my closet needs (and wants) and often surprises me with things I would never pick out for myself, but end up loving. Jason has been able to learn and shape my style through the feedback I provide on each piece he sends, my Pinterest board, where I pin items/outfits that I’d like to try, and the stylist note I write before they send me each fix that allows me to let Jason know what events I have coming up and what styles I’d like to try. Getting a box full of personally curated clothes and accessories is like getting a Christmas present every time I order.

Speaking of getting a Christmas present, If you need a last minute gift for someone on your list a Stitch Fix Stitch Fix Gift Card would be a terrific choice! If they schedule their fix to come before the end of the year they can win free Stitch Fix for a year, or another gift card! Stitch Fix offers petite sizes, men’s and maternity and soon will start carrying plus size! That means everyone on your list can receive the gift of style! You could even get one for yourself if a style pick me up is just what you need to end your year and start 2017 off right!

Here is the visual proof that Stitch Fix needs to be in your life; my five favorite items from 2016!

5. Papermoon Birch Lace Detail Blouse


I won a Stitch Fix Influencer Contest with this photo!

This blouse was first seen in my July fix. I pulled it out of the box and hated it. I never imagined I’d wear a print with both light green and burnt orange. But the shirt was very flattering when I put it on. It has been on repeat through the changing of the seasons and I receive compliments whenever I wear it. It was this shirt that finally made me realize I like shirts with a curved hemline because they elongate my short torso.

4. 41Hawthorn Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress


img_9144-2This is my first faux wrap dress and I know I will be requesting more in the future. This came in my August fix and the colors sparked my interest right away. I love this bright orchid purple and the grey trellis print made the dress different and fun. I wore this for the rest of summer and all though the fall. It was surprisingly easy to style with different outerwear choices. Its shape flatters mine while still being conservative. I’m hoping to score some brightly colored pumps to pair with this next spring.

3. Laju Balla Cargo Vest

stitch-fix-september-laju-balla-cargo-vest-edyson-mayfare-bootcut-jean-2This is definitely the most expensive vest I have ever purchased, and I do not regret it. I love how easy it is to throw over a dress, sweater or shirt. The olive color is so versatile and the fabric is so soft. Plus it has tons of little pockets for my chapsticks and gum. I think it will transition well through all seasons. I am excited to try it with spring colors!

2. Pixley Delores Zipper Detail Maxi Skirt


This is the first maxi skirt I have ever owned. I love the shape. It is not loose and flowy like most maxi skirts. I have never been able to make that style work for me. But this skirt is made of a thicker, more structured fabric and I love it. This came to me in my June fix. The zipper detail adds an element of edge that I just love. As you can see from the pictures above, it is easy to style and very versatile. Looking at the pictures makes me want to style this with some patterned tights and a cold shoulder sweater for winter. Hmmm, I might have to try it.

  1. Moon River Ora Faux Suede Skirtstitch-fix-september-moon-river-ora-faux-suede-skirt

    This skirt. I cannot stop singing its praises. It is soft, stretchy and so unique. It looks good with so many different tops and I love it. Jason sent this in my September fix. I never thought I would wear a faux suede skirt so often, but I had to retire it for the winter because it was on repeat so frequently I was worried people would get sick of seeing it. I would love another skirt like this in any color. It is that good.

These pieces are all fantastic, but do you know what is even better? A lot of these pieces and designs are exclusive to Stitch fix and you cannot get them anywhere else! Besides the olive cargo vest, all of my 2016 favorites are very unique. That is another bonus of using Stitch Fix, you not only get personalized fixes sent to your door, many of the pieces you get will be hard to duplicate. Believe me when I say, my Stitch Fix pieces have started many a conversation.

Which one of these Stitch Fix pieces is your favorite? Do you have questions about Stitch Fix? Ask way! I am a serious fan and would love to offer any advice I can to get other people on the bandwagon.

And don’t forget to order a Stitch Fix Gift Card for those left on your list! They deserve to feel as good as I do in my favorite pieces from last year!

Until next time,

I love you more than favorites lists and a stylist’s greatest hits,



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