Stitch Fix Review December 2016

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Merry Christmas! I am writing this blog post from the winter wonderland of Sunriver, OR. What a blessing it was to have my husband’s mom and step-dad and my parents here for our white Christmas. Last year Anthony and I got married right before Christmas because we love how magical the snow makes everything look. This year, to celebrate our first anniversary we each ordered a Stitch Fix box. We brought the boxes to the snow with us to have a fun snow-to shoot.

What is Stitch Fix you ask? According to, “Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest (shipping is free both ways).”

I am completely obsessed with Stitch Fix, thanks to my stylist Jason, who always seems to hit it out of the park. Anthony has only had two fixes and his have been a little off the mark. So if that happens to you don’t worry, I have some tips and tricks to help you get your best fix!

1) Keep your style profile up to date. Stitch Fix is always adding new questions to the style profile. Be sure to look through your profile every few months to answer any new style questions. If you don’t want them to send you a certain color or type of clothing make sure to un-check it in your profile.

2) Write a note to your stylist each time you schedule a Fix. Do you have an event coming up? Let your stylist know about it so they can find you something special.

3) Leave feedback when you checkout. The more detail the better. If the armholes on that shirt were cut too small, or if you weren’t crazy about the pattern but loved the fit, put it in the feedback.

4) Link to a Pinterest style board and keep it updated! This is the absolute best way to really let your stylist know what looks you want to emulate.

5) If you get a stylist you like email and ask to keep them! The more fixes your stylist has to get to know you the better they will understand your style.

6) If you have questions, ask! Reach out to your favorite Stitch Fix bloggers or the customer service email above and ask! There are so many people out there that would love to talk about Stitch Fix!

I haven’t received a Fix since September so I was more than ready for my box to arrive. I asked for an outfit to wear on our anniversary date and a long puffer coat. Anthony asked for sport coats, socks, and casual shirts. Here are our notes from our stylists:


Note: the necklace that was supposed to come was missing from my fix so I emailed Stitch Fix to let them know and they took it off of my bill, gave me a $20 credit for my next styling fee and said I could still get the “keep it all” discount if I purchased the other 4 items. I’m not kidding, their customer service is excellent.


On Whitney: Kut From the Kloth Elyse Straight Leg Pant-Red, $68

On Anthony: Tailor Vintage Decca Stretch Waffle Henley-Light Grey, $69


Theodore the elf decided to join us for these pictures. He definitely steals the show! In my note Jason references Lila Ryan skinny jeans and as you can tell, I did not receive those pants in my box. But I was actually really excited about the mistake.These pants are made of the softest material and are more dressy than skinny jeans so I can wear them to dinners for Anthony’s job as well as dressed down with a scarf and vest like I have them here. Anthony’s grey Henley was made of a soft, thick material but it was the most expensive item in his box! There is no way he would pay that much for a casual lounge around the house type shirt. Plus, the single tiny pocket bothered us both.

Verdict: I kept the pants, Anthony sent the shirt back

On Anthony: Stance Reedley Classic Crew 2-Pack Socks-Black, $24 and

                           Flag & Anthem Portland Chino-Navy, $59.50

On Whitney: TOMS Desert Wedge Booties-Black, $69

Anthony is all about this brand of socks. He got another set of them in his first Stitch Fix box and was excited to see more. He loves the feel of the fabric and said these crew socks were thick but not too warm. I was overjoyed to see these TOMS in my box. I have had these pinned on my Pinterest board  for about six months. They are so comfortable and make my feet look tiny. Now I want these shoes in every color. Anthony’s stylist mentioned these pants were supposed to be cut more generously than the pants in his last fix but they were even tighter around his calves. These pants were very soft, but were definitely not Anthony’s style.

Verdict: Anthony kept the socks  and I kept the shoes! The pants went back.

On Whitney: Skies are Blue Medea Cut Out Sleeve Pullover Sweater-Black, $68 

On Anthony: Fairline Refined Dress Shirt-Red, $68


I was so happy to see this sweater in my fix! I like my sweaters to have unique details and the cutouts on this one definitely make it stand out. I thought it was the perfect sweater to wear on our anniversary date. It showed just the right amount of skin. The sweater is soft and fit me well. My stylist ordered me a size larger than I normally wear because it runs small (I have a short torso and it fits me just right). As you can see it looks good with the red pants Stitch Fix sent me as well as jeans.  Anthony was drawn to the red and navy in this shirt. It fit him very well and the fabric was silky smooth. He likes his button up shirts to be wrinkle free and a more substantial fabric and these were a little thin.

Verdict: I kept the sweater and Anthony sent the shirt back (Nordstrom was having a sale that includes his favorite shirts so he got those instead).

On Whitney: Andrew Marc Teanen Puffer Coat-Burgundy, $118

On Anthony: Fairline Refined Dress Shirt-Teal Green, $68



If you are scrolling up to see if Anthony is wearing the same shirt, just a different color, scroll no more. This shirt is exactly the same print as the one before but is a mix of a gorgeous teal and orange color. I loved the colors on him, but could tell he preferred the classic red and navy combo. The puffer coat they sent me is gorgeous. It is not too poofy and it very soft and cozy. The pockets and hood are even fleece lined! I love that the hood does not have fur, because when faux fur gets wet it is not comfortable. The burgundy color was rich and shiny (it is more like the stock photo at the top of the post, the sun made it hard to capture the true color). This coat is worth the price because it has been tested to keep you warm down to -18 degrees!

Verdict: Anthony sent the shirt back and I kept the coat, but sent it back for a color exchange. I really wanted a more neutral jacket and got a charcoal grey instead. Isn’t it awesome that Stitch Fix offers size and color exchanges for no extra cost?

So that is it! I kept all 4 items in my box and Anthony sent everything except the socks back. If you are interested in Stitch Fix I would appreciate it if you could sign up using my referral link to Stitch Fix and if you know someone who would love to try having their own personal stylist getting them a Stitch Fix Gift Card is easy! Stitch Fix offers styling for men, petites and maternity. They will be launching their plus size styling in the new year!


What is your favorite piece from our fixes? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

I love you more than snow-to shoots and Stitch Fix loot,


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