Stitch Fix Review January 2018

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I was so excited to find a familiar box from Stitch Fix on my doorstep this week. I have not ordered a Fix since August because I have been trying to be more mindful of my spending. Last week I received a special offer from Stitch Fix saying I was eligible for “Style Pass” a program where you pay a one time fee of  $49 and you can order fixes whenever you want without an additional styling fee for a whole year. Just as the $20 styling fee is credited towards your purchase, the $49 will apply to your first purchase. Not everyone is eligible for Style Pass yet, but it seems like they are inviting more people every day. I love the idea of Style Pass because that means I can order a Fix whenever I want and not have to worry about buying something every time. This will help me pick only my favorite things to keep in my closet and try out some more expensive brands I normally wouldn’t want my stylist to send.

As soon as I signed up for Style Pass I ordered a Fix and crossed my fingers that my long time stylist, Jason, was still working for Stitch Fix. I asked him for black or grey pants, and mentioned my favorite color to wear is evergreen. When I read the note from my stylist I was glad to see it was Jason who styled me! I was so excited to see the pieces he had picked for me.



Vero Moda Caris Step Hem Skinny Jean- Grey, size 10, $64


I loved these pants as soon as I pulled them out of the box. The hem around the ankle is so cute and looks great with booties. The fabric was soft and the acid wash look was pretty cool. I love the back pockets and the stripe down the side was my absolute favorite detail. I have long legs and wish these jeans were just a little longer. Also, while these are my regular size they were waaaaaaaay too small. I could not even button them. Stitch Fixoffers size exchanges and they have these in a size 14 (the size I think I would need) but I just don’t think the wash is right for work, and if the items aren’t versatile, or necessary, I just can’t justify putting them in my closet. Sadly, these will go back. I will definitely be asking for pants with details like this in the future.

Sophie Rue Danea Tie Back Top- Dark Green, Size Large, $40



I love the dark green of the fabric and the cut of the sleeves! The blouse is cut in a flattering way and since I carry all my weight in my stomach I was happy this wasn’t too flowy or too tight. I love that the print changes slightly at the sleeves. I do not like the back cutout at all. The ties were so hard to get even and the underside of the fabric is white and kept peeking out. Plus no one needs to see what rolls will develop when I sit down in that top. Yes, I could wear a cami under it, but if I am not comfortable in the garment without the aid of more clothes it might not be for me. I also didn’t love the copper brown on the print. I’d definitely like to try another top cut like this one, but I will be sending this one back.

Coffeeshop Clover Faux Fur Jacket- Black, Large, $78



This jacket is not in my comfort zone and I love when Jason sends me things I would not pick out for myself. This jacket is so soft and very comfortable. It was pretty cold when we were taking these pictures and I did not feel cold in this. It is definitely not a winter coat, and I am guessing not rain friendly. which is not good for Willamette Valley winters. I think this is the perfect jacket to wear if you are going out or for a special occasion/date night. I liked it styled with my distressed jeans best. While I liked this jacket more than I thought I would, it was not flattering from the back or across my broad shoulders. This will be going back.

Street Level Heidi Drawstring Tote-Dark Green, $64


This bag is gorgeous. I love the color and the inside pocket makes me feel confident my lip gloss and cell phone would not get lost in the bottom. You can scroll up to see the bag with some of my outfits. I think this bag would look great with many different outfits and would be a good bag to take to work. I could fit a lot of papers to grade in this one! This is one item I am considering keeping, but I am leaning towards sending it back because I have a green fashion backpack already.

41 Hawthorn Sharon Thumb Hole Detail Pullover-Light Grey, Large, $78


This sweater is gloriously cozy. The knit is soft and not itchy at all. I was surprised that I liked the cowl neck. It surprised me because it was not too floppy and kept my neck sooo warm. And then there are the thumb holes. I am a sucker for thumb holes. Plus the detail at the wrist adds a little something extra to the sweater. The only thing holding me back on this one is the color. Had this been navy or evergreen it would already be in my closet. I am worried that the grey might be too light for my winter complexion. Also, I have a very thin, drab (think more like active wear) top in the exact same color, with thumb holes, in my closet already. But man is this snuggly.

I have not decided if I am keeping anything yet. What do you think? Should I keep anything or send it all back and schedule another Fix ASAP?

If you have not tried Stitch Fixyet click any of the links in this post to get started. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the process, or you could read some of my previous posts (linked below) to see what the process looks like. Let me know what you think of my Fix in the comments.

Until next time,

I love you more than evergreen and cozy things,



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  2. I ended up here through a clicking wormhole, but — where are your booties from?? They’re impossibly cute and the color is wonderful.

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