Stitch Fix Review July 2017

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I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by for me. I am weeks away from a new school year. Crazy. July was a fun packed month and my July Stitch Fix ended it with a bang.  I asked my stylist, Jason, to send me tops and accessories to match the kick flares I kept in my June Fix.  Here is what Jason sent:


I was so happy to see so much color in my little Stitch Fix burrito.

1. Staccato Katara Crossfront Top-$32, Size Large, Mustard





Well guys, this shirt might be my new favorite top from Stitch Fix. The colors are perfect to transition into fall and the print it so delicate. The cross front detail is cute and flattering. I love the high-low cut of the top. Since the front is low cut it adds balance to have a longer back. Plus, the shorter front allows me to show off the button detail on my kick flares! The straps are adjustable which was great for my small bust and short torso. This shirt seems to run a little short, so long torsos beware. I used a little fashion tape to keep the bust of the shirt from sliding down and revealing my undergarments and it worked perfectly. I love it paired with my kick flares and dressed up with my favorite Kut From the Kloth jacket and white jeans. My favorite Kendra Scott earrings will be seen throughout the post, they match a ton of the items in my closet so they higher price tag was worth it. Isn’t this top so cute? Stitch Fix has recently added a way for you to share pictures of your Fix with your friends and they can vote for what you should keep. 78% of the people who voted on this Fix said this top needed to stay in my closet. I didn’t need the votes to know this was a keeper.

2. Hummingbird Tiffany Fringe Detail Cold Shoulder Top-$44, Size Large, White img_1003.png




Jason sent me this shirt because I love to try new things and I find pieces with unique details intriguing. This blouse it lightweight and true white, which is great for summer. It is a little sheer, but that is nothing a camisole can’t fix. I styled it with skinny pants in one of my favorite colors to balance the volume of the shirt. I also went full boho and maximized the volume with a billowy skirt. Both looks are accessorized with these earrings from Amazon. When put to a vote 57% of the people said this shirt needed to go back to Stitch Fix to find a home with someone else and I agreed. While this is a unique style, it just isn’t my style.

3. Renee C Alecto Halter Top-$44, Size Large, Blue





The colors of this halter immediately caught my eye. If you have been reading my Stitch Fix Reviews for awhile now you know I love blue and orange together so this top was right up my alley. There is also a little bit of light moss green in the print. The fabric is so soft and the higher neckline is both conservative and flattering. I love the little button detail on the back. I styled it simply with my frayed hem shorts and white jeans and a jean jacket for a more put together look. When I consulted the survey 92% of the people said I should keep this top. Ultimately, I sent it back. While it was cute, it just wasn’t a “wow” piece and I only had the budget to keep two items this month.

4. Nine Britton Rosemarie Open Back Blouse- $42, Size Large, Red





I love to wear the color red, but do not have much of it in my closet so I was so excited to see this top in my Fix. Add the gorgeous cutout details and the light fabric and I was a smitten kitten. I like to show a little skin every now and again, but too much skin is not my thing so I was happy to see that this shirt did not push my limits. I styled it with a pencil skirt and heels for a dressy date night look, and with my trusty kick flares for a more laid-back feel. Only 78% of people said I should keep this, but it had to go in my closet. I wore it to Anthony’s high school reunion with my white jeans and it was perfect. Also, it didn’t hurt that Stitch Fix gave me a 15% off discount on it because it has tiny black dots, almost like marks from a pen, on it near the armpit. Stitch Fix customer service it the best. Seriously, if you ever have questions or concerns just send an email to and they will help you out!

5. Bancroft Dante Cut Out Metal Oval Layered Necklace- $32, Silver



I love a good statement necklace and this one is so pretty. I love the layered look and know I would use this a ton. When polled, 74% of people said I should keep this necklace. I decided to send it back because a. my budget was spent and b. I already have this exact necklace in gold.

I am so happy with my July Fix. Jason did a great job of sending me a variety of tops with interesting details. I am so excited for my next Fix! What should I request?

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix use the links throughout this post to sign up and ask me any questions you have in the comments. Don’t forget, Stitch Fix offers plus sizes, men’s, and petite’s and Gift Cards!

Until next time,

I love you more than high-low and halters,



Rocksbox Review 2

I love getting mail. I like fashion. I don’t really love shopping in stores but I have been known to fill up an online cart and let it sit foooooorever. Or buy tons of crap in online clearance sections because “it was such a good deal and I might need it someday” (not).  This is why I am so glad subscription boxes are a thing. I can spend time filling up my online cart via style profiles and then a surprise will await me in the mail! Best of both worlds. Today, my beloved subscription is Rocksbox.


Rocksbox is an online jewelry subscription box that I have been getting sporadically since last spring. Basically, you pay $19 a month to rent unlimited designer jewelry! You can cancel your subscription and restart it, anytime so when I am not needing fresh jewelry I just cancel and wait until I get the urge to subscribe again! It is super easy and their customer service has always been excellent!

Interested? Get your first month FREE by signing up with my special offer code at checkout: whitneybff162

Once you sign up you will get a personalized offer code too and can invite your friends to try it as well. Each person that you sign up credits your Rocksbox account with $25 towards a jewelry purchase! Rocksbox also gives you $10 each month (you can’t save the credits up, its use it or lose it for the month) called Shine Spend that you can use on top of the discounted price Rocksbox offers its Insiders! Now remember, these are high quality, designer pieces so they aren’t cheap! I have kept 5/39 of the pieces I have been sent and have been happy with the quality of all of them!

After you are signed up, you fill out a Style Survey that will help them understand your style preferences better. Only want gold pieces? You can tell them that! Getting ready for an event, tell them that too. You can retake the survey at any time if your needs/preferences change.Then the fun begins; filling out your wishlist. You get to choose necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings from the Rocksbox collection. Your stylist will look at your wishlist and try to send at least one piece from the list every time.  I like to keep my list focused to 5 pieces of each type of jewelry (20 total) so I know the things I get will be something I am dying to try.

Once you get your jewelry you can wear it for as long as you want, return it right away, or purchase as many pieces from the box as you want, at a discounted member price (for real, I have looked for better prices on the same pieces and can’t find them.) The white mailing envelope Rocksbox sends your items in is a reusable mailer so you just stick the packing slip they send you in your box on the front, put the jewelry you aren’t keeping back in the box, seal it, and drop it at the post office! That’s it! Easy peasy (don’t worry Rocksbox cleans all of the jewelry before sending it out!)  Then your stylist will pick out more jewelry and ship it to you quickly. I usually get 3 boxes per month.

You can leave feedback on the pieces you received and tell your stylist what you’s like to try next. My current Rocksbox requests were: gold statement necklaces with white or clear gems and ear-jacket earrings. Let’s see what I got. Reminder: Shine Insider price is what you pay if you are subscribed to Rocksbox.

1. Perry Street Gwenyth Necklace in White-Regular Price $74, Insiders’ Price $59


IMG_5820This was on my wishlist and I was so excited to receive it. I have been wanting a necklace like this to wear with my new chambray shirts from Target and I just happened to be wearing one when I received my box in the mail! In the picture on the left of the collage I was wearing a necklace extender to make it long enough to wear under my collar. It was still a little too short for my liking. I wore it to school today with the navy striped top on the right (also from Target). I liked it was the second top better but I still didn’t love the length so I sent it back. I have a few other necklaces similar on my wishlist to try before I settle on the one that I want!

2. Wanderlust + Co XL Screw-Split Silver Bangle-Regular Price $39, Insiders’ Price $31


This has been on my wishlist since my very first Rocksbox. I like the industrial look and have been wanting an edgy silver bangle. I thought this might be a keeper. But it was super hard to get open and even harder to get off. In fact, Anthony had to help me get it off because I could not get it on my own. So sadly this went back.

3. Sophie Harper Pavé Square Studs in Silver-Regular Price $45, Insiders’ Price $36



These earrings were not the ear jackets I have been wanting, but they are super cute!  I wore these to school today too and a few of my students commented on them. Really, one of them said, “Those are the most sparkly squares I have ever seen.” But, I took that as a compliment. I don’t think I will ever spend this much on studs. So I put these little guys back in the box and send them back to Rocksbox.

So I sent all of these pretties back, but I wore them to two different outfits and had so much fun trying them out.

If you want to try Rocksbox remember to use my code whitneybff162 for your first month free!

Until Next Time,

I love you more than industrial strength bracelets and sparkly squares,



Rocksbox Review 1

IMG_1418So I have been Stitch Fixing for over a year now and love it, but I have selected not to receive accessories from them because I can often find pieces I love just as much for a better price.  And lets be honest, I really just want five pieces of clothing in my box. But I have been feeling like I need to step out of my accessory comfort zone of just statement necklaces.  Enter Rocksbox.  This subscription box service charges you $19 a month to essentially rent jewelry from them for as long as you want.  When you are done with them you can purchase what you like and send back what you don’t with their prepaid packing label.

If you want to become a Rocksbox Shine Insider here is what you do:

  1. go to
  2. Take their style survey and put some pieces on your wishlist.  They recommend having 15 pieces on your wishlist; I have 30.
  3. They will then send you 3 pieces based on your wishlist with a personalized note.IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1421
  4. Try on the jewelry and see what you like!  There is no due date, but to get the most out the subscription I usually wear each piece once and then decide if I can’t live without them.  Returning is easy, just use the same package they send the jewelry in but put on the return label you will find on the bottom of the box and take it to the Post Office or stick it in your mailbox.  The company is located in San Francisco and turnaround from Oregon was quick.  Each month you get a $10 credit towards a purchase during that billing cycle.  I sent all three pieces in my first box back so I still had my monthly shine spend for my second box.

So let’s see what I got this time!

Gorjana Alma Cuff-$72

IMG_1429 IMG_1427

I had this cuff on my wish list.  It was cute, but a little large on me and the cute detail kept falling to the underside of my wrist.  I sent it back because I couldn’t justify the price if you can’t even see the detail.

House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Affair Ring in Gold-$30

IMG_1426 IMG_1425

When I saw this I thought for sure I would buy it. I had a ring similar to this on my wishlist, only it was silver.  Rocksbox try to curate sets to be warn together so they sent me this gold version.  It fit my ring finger on my right hand great and was pretty cute.  I decided that I didn’t love the black detailing behind the stones so back it went.

Jill Michael Bar Pendant Necklace in Gold-$38

Collective Concepts May Chevron Print Knit Back Top from Stitch Fix, Level 99 Liza Skinny Jean in Sun Grey from Amazon

Collective Concepts May Chevron Print Knit Back Top from Stitch Fix, Level 99 Liza Skinny Jean in Sun Grey from Amazon


I was really unsure about this necklace because it seemed boring when I pulled it out of the box.  Like I said, I am used to styling with statement necklaces and this was delicate and subtle.  I put it on with this shirt and was sold.  I have tried quite a few necklaces with this bold print and nothing seems to work just right.  This did.  When I left feedback for my box (which you should do every time!) I asked for it in silver too!  I may even get adventurous and try to layer other delicate pieces with it! I thought the $28 dollars I would spend with my $10 monthly credit was worth it for a solid piece of jewelry that will go with many things.   When I checkout I noticed a $25 credit called “forever spend” was added as well and so I got this necklace for $3! After I did some digging it said one of my referrals signed up and that’s where the credit came from.

So here is my referral code: whitneybff162

Please use it during checkout if you sign up! Apparently I get $25 towards a purchase if you do.

I just sent my other items back and am waiting patiently for my next Rocksbox!

Until next time,

Love you more than shiny rings and pretty things,